Translation of career in Spanish:


carrera, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈrɪə//kəˈrɪr/


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    carrera feminine
    he made a career for himself in journalism / as a journalist se abrió camino como periodista
    • before noun careers adviser orientador (profesional)
    • before noun careers counsellor orientadora (profesional)
    • careers office oficina de orientación profesional
    • career path trayectoria profesional
    • career guidance orientación profesional
    • career diplomat diplomático de carrera
    • career girl/woman mujer de carrera
    • Its goal is to get Waterloo students thinking about the opportunities a career in the tax field creates for them.
    • There are some careers where a significant surname is all you need - being an aristocrat, for example.
    • Teaching is recognized as a career with unique opportunities and satisfying experiences.
    • She knew she would be retiring shortly from the Royal Ballet and welcomed the opportunity to diversify her career.
    • After 11 years of internal medicine and cardiology, he opted for a career in occupational medicine.
    • You should also contact your local careers office/centre for information and advice on careers and learning opportunities.
    • This symposium will discuss some of the careers and opportunities in biotechnology.
    • As a young man David McInroy had to come to terms with the fact he was not destined for a career as a professional footballer.
    • In keeping with tradition, our February issue focuses on careers and opportunities.
    • Because people now tend to have multiple careers, this transition period could come at any age.
    • It kind of solidifies the buzz around your career and makes more opportunities open to you.
    • Having more control over their careers and financial opportunities is within their grasp.
    • This could benefit the stream of outgoing students in their hunt for new careers and novel opportunities.
    • Now, he says, he wants to give other youngsters an opportunity of a glittering career, too.
    • After all, most professionals choose their career; they act under their own volition.
    • So Jan seized the opportunity for a new career as a tour manager, helping groups of tourists get the most out of their holidays.
    • You decide to take on new opportunities that enhance your career.
    • The son of a wig maker, Lallemand saw a military career as an opportunity for social advancement.
    • Visitors will be able to pick and choose from the hundreds of available careers and training opportunities.
    • Students were also given the opportunity to discuss careers with the regiment team.

intransitive verb

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    ir a toda velocidad
    a truck careered toward us un camión se nos vino encima a toda velocidad