Translation of carpetbag in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑrpətˌbæɡ/


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    bolso o maletín hecho de tejido de alfombra
    • ‘He's never told me,’ another voice spoke up and we turned to see Mai approaching, a small carpet bag slung over her shoulder.
    • The Cartwright's Chinese cook had been with the family for more years than anyone cared to count, but he was not above putting on his coat and hat, and heading for the door with his carpet bag in his hand whenever he felt himself slighted.
    • In her hand, she was carrying a black carpet bag.
    • The elevator doors swung open, and an old lady with a carpet bag waddled out between them.
    • This year's object of desire is a foot-long black leather carpet bag with worked wooden handles or a hand-held bucket bag with burnished bronze studs.
    • The following morning brought Savadini to their doorstep, complete with several carpet bags and a number of spare robes.
    • Winter, readers, has arrived, taking up residence with all the bulk and temerity of a spinster aunt come to visit, laden with cats and carpet bags.
    • Clutching her carpet bag tightly, Anne walked over to a nearby motel.
    • She packed all she had in a worn out old carpet bag and swept up a little, she hated not to leave things tidy.
    • John leaned against the doorway and watched as she milled about the room putting clothes and other items into a brown carpet bag.
    • Only minutes before she departs, a huge arm swipes all surfaces within a 20 ft radius into a massive carpet bag.
    • Gavin nodded and sat down again while Sadie began clumsily stuffing clothing into a carpet bag.
    • Following that, she wrapped a thin cloak around her shoulders, picked up the carpet bag into which she had stuffed some clothing and slipped out into the freezing night.