Translation of carriage in Spanish:


carruaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrɪdʒ//ˈkarɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(horse-drawn)

      carruaje masculine
      coche masculine
      • A couple have told how they are lucky to be alive after a horse pulling their carriage ran amok and started a stampede during a holiday pleasure trip.
      • Most people were walking around on the streets, with only a few on horses and horse-drawn carriages.
      • Even as I watched, the metal gate about thirty yards away from me swung open and a carriage pulled by four brown horses entered.
      • They probably did, as they cursed the puddles and horse dung and dodged the horse-drawn carriages and drays.
      • Overworked horses pulling carriages laden with tourists trot frantically up the hill as the fierce morning sun beats down.
      • Slowly, over the hill came a carriage being pulled by two large brown horses.
      • Two horses were pulling the carriage but Jok was not guiding them.
      • One-horse carts or carriages pulled by four or five horses went back and forth in clouds of yellow dust.
      • A covered carriage with sled runners pulled by four strong horses is awaiting its passengers.
      • The horse then began to pull the carriage away, and it was only a few seconds before they were out of my sight.
      • Earlier in the evening, students had arrived for the black tie event in limousines and horse drawn carriages before being taken to Cheltenham.
      • She was among 15 tourists hurt when a convoy of horses pulling carriages along the steep mountain paths from the glacier bolted unexpectedly, throwing the passengers to the ground.
      • As it approached James fired a warning shot in the air, which erupted with a loud bang that echoed through the trees, and the horses pulling the carriage reared and it came to a halt.
      • For instance, most English city streets were built when ‘traffic’ consisted of small carriages pulled by skinny horses.
      • They were among fifteen tourists hurt when the horses pulling their carriages bolted unexpectedly during a tour of the Briksdal glacier in Stryn, western Norway, on Monday.
      • On the left, there is a horse-drawn carriage, minus the horses.
      • There were seven people sitting in the carriage being pulled by four proud horses.
      • Twelve horses pulled the magnificent carriage across the road and through puddles of mud of varying size and depth.
      • The carriage was pulled along the cobbled pathway, the horses working their way up a slight hill.
      • Two open carriages each pulled by a pair of placid horses had begun to make their parking lot rounds when I sat down.

    • 1.2British Railways

      vagón masculine
      • The steam locomotive was travelling backwards from Rawtenstall to Ramsbottom, pulling three carriages carrying 20 passengers.
      • Take time to stroll through the acres of woodland to the rear of the building itself, complete with steam train, carriages and a children's enchanted island with miniature houses.
      • Hundreds of rail enthusiasts have helped to secure the future of a Royal Train carriage at the National Railway Museum in York.
      • The new railcars are more easily accessible than the current train carriages.
      • There are also new power sockets in both first class and standard carriages for passengers to recharge mobiles and laptops, improved luggage storage and completely refitted toilets.
      • The boat trains and beautiful Pullman carriages are now replaced by the Eurostar.
      • It was the fault of a vehicle falling off the bridge onto the railway, which caused a freight train to crash into a passenger carriage.
      • The appellant was convicted of smoking in a railway carriage, in breach of a by-law made by British Railways in 1965.
      • But it was a busy train, and the carriage did not stay private for long.
      • The Christmas train consisted of modern passenger carriages, generator cars and a caboose, with a diesel switch engine on either end.
      • Two train carriages and an engine stand at the platform of what was once Hawes Station and is now one end of the museum.
      • However, I still defend my right to smoke in some public places, and am strongly in favour of smoking and non-smoking areas in pubs, restaurants and railway carriages.
      • It was a train - a passenger carriage, decked in nothing but black and white.
      • In its heyday, Swindon works employed more than 16,000 people, overhauling locomotives and carriages for the Great Western Railway and later for British Rail.
      • Converted from five antique Pullman rail carriages, The Sidings Hotel and Restaurant cuts a distinctive figure on the edge of the East Coast Main Line.
      • The first 12 train carriages for the high-speed railway arrived at Kaohsiung Harbor yesterday.
      • More importantly, perhaps, the technology would allow people to use phones in places such as train carriages, cinemas or libraries without disturbing others.
      • Only a single carriage on each train contains an access point, so participants should reserve a seat in that coach, the company suggests.
      • At the meeting, it was stated that there would be a further inspection of the carriages, locomotives and railway tracks.
      • So that's how I ended up in a deserted carriage on a 6am train to Brighton.

    • 1.3baby carriageUS

      cochecito masculine
      carriola feminine Mexico

  • 2

    • 2.1(of typewriter)

      carro masculine
      • In assembly, where practically every operation is manual, engines shuttle down the line on carriages that swivel to allow workers easy access from any angle.
      • This also means swiveling around the sliding carriage that holds the file, and duplicating the angles you used earlier.

    • 2.2gun carriage

      cureña feminine

  • 3

    transporte masculine
    porte masculine
    the carriage of goods el transporte de mercancías
    • carriage paid/forward porte pagado/a pagar
    • carriage free franco de porte
    • Sweden and Denmark even manage to ferry carriages across the Baltic sea with no problem.
    • Crown Equerry Lieutenant-Colonel Seymour Gilbart-Denham runs the royal mews with its fleets of cars and carriages.
    • In the next carriage were two on-duty policemen but they were not called to help.
    • Here you are greeted by liveried staff who will relieve you of your baggage and escort you to your carriage.
    • Here you can find out about carriages and wagons and take a carriage driving lesson, or try pony and trap driving down a quiet forest lane.
    • His job had been to carry invalids up the mountains from St. Louis to Cilaos for until the building of the road in 1935 it had been impossible for carriages or cars to make it up, so impassable were the mountain tracks.
    • Many young people have also abandoned bicycles and prefer elbowing each other in close-packed buses or subway carriages.
    • They came on horseback, with carts and carriages, and now by car.
    • Horse-pulled carriages and electric carts are available for those who tire of walking, and camels are available for a ride and photo opportunity.
    • He took her hand and led her further down the corridor to where small, two-seat carriages moved past on a track, and people stood on a conveyor belt to match speeds with them.
    • Here the traffic consisted not of coaches and carriages but of wagons and hand-carts.
    • A number of different vehicles are heading here: carriages, vans, cars, coaches, anything with wheels.
    • She was escorted to a police carriage that would take her to the execution site.
    • A single carriage or multiple carriages can transport 120-1,200 persons in a single trip.
    • An eyewitness said the group was trapped at noon Monday when eight cable car carriages suddenly ceased moving 40 to 60 metres above the ground.
    • Uniformed police have been moved into 15 stations along the track and plain-clothes police deployed on the carriages.
    • Families arrived on horseback or in a variety of wheeled carriages.
    • People ambled by on the cobblestone sidewalk and in the streets, carts and the occasional carriage rattle by.
    • All new carriages will be wheelchair accessible, as well as all new train stations, including those being renovated.
    • Mr Brookes, formerly of Little Dale, Pickering, joined the preserved railway company in 1988 as a foreman fitter and was promoted to acting manager of the carriages and wagon depot.
  • 4formal

    porte masculine
    • He was no older than myself but he had the bearing and carriage of a full grown man.
    • This is a broad definition, encompassing essentially the whole carriage and deportment of the body.
    • The man who had just spoken was a slender one, fair of feature, and his carriage was bold as he approached my position.
    • The other was perhaps no older than me, but with a bearing and carriage of a great Lady.
    • He had very handsome features with a strong muscular frame, tall and strong-limbed with graceful carriage and dignified bearing.
    • Her carriage was royal, and her bearing haughty and most formal.