Translation of carriage clock in Spanish:

carriage clock

reloj de mesa, n.


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    reloj de mesa masculine
    reloj de sobremesa masculine Spain
    • True, it's not the most conventional way of marking a quarter of a century in the toughest business in the world, but then again, you didn't expect some big chief executive to reel out a carriage clock did you?
    • Part of his effects removed from HMS Victory, the chronometer was later placed in an inscribed carriage clock case by his niece, Charlotte.
    • Reply within ten days and a handsome carriage clock could be yours to treasure.
    • Instead of a carriage clock on the shelf, he has a crystal vase, one of which was presented to every player who participated in the 1958 World Cup finals, where he won three of his eight Scotland caps.
    • I wonder will his colleagues buy him a carriage clock?
    • At the end of the Mass the parishioners made a presentation of a millennium carriage clock, a set of gold vestments, and a wallet of notes.
    • The Carlesberg trophy for the club's most outstanding player went to Alan Brooksbanks, who was also presented with a tankard and carriage clock prior to his return to New Zealand.
    • A total of 140 lots will include costume and other jewellery as well as silver cutlery, dish covers, clock cases, brass carriage clocks, a selection of long case clocks, military buttons, shoe buckles and belts.
    • You know a friend recently sold a rare carriage clock for £2,000.
    • Former headteacher and artist Clifford Fisher, the oldest Old B present, was voted President for Life and presented with a carriage clock to mark the occasion.
    • At the age of 65 you retired with a nice carriage clock and went home to spend your pension on potting plants and pipe tobacco.
    • And you get a free gift of a Parker pen or a carriage clock, possession of which the family will presumably fight over once they have eaten the ham sandwiches at the wake you paid for.
    • Auctions are a minefield of reproductions, particularly with objects like Galle glass and repeater carriage clocks, so it is important to do your homework and get expert advice.
    • The SRU's director of rugby Jim Telfer is unwilling to set a date for receiving his carriage clock but he has confirmed that he would be stepping down from his post ‘sooner rather than later’.
    • A Georgian silver cutlery set, an antique carriage clock, a pendulum clock, rings, a pocket watch, cash and a purse were among items taken.
    • Former headteacher and artist, Clifford Fisher, who was the oldest Old B present, was voted President for Life and presented with a carriage clock, to mark the occasion.
    • Sometimes it's the little things that hold my attention - the set design on an Arabic news programme that reminds me of my primary school or the very Western-looking carriage clock on the bookshelves in a Chinese living room.
    • When you think about it, it's funnier to see people pulling out all the stops to win a carriage clock than a Caribbean cruise.
    • I opened my free gift, a tiny gold carriage clock packed in a blue and gold box tied by a gold ribbon.