Translation of carrier in Spanish:


compañía de transportes, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkarɪə//ˈkɛriər/


  • 1

    compañía de transportes feminine
    empresa de transportes feminine
    the Dutch national carrier la compañía / línea aérea nacional holandesa
    • Today Manchester Airport managing director John Spooner revealed it was only a matter of time before the popular no-frills carriers set up major operations in Manchester.
    • The carrier undertakes responsibility from the place of receipt or from the port of loading to the port of discharge or the place of delivery.
    • The company was selling air fares on-line without being licensed as an air carrier, or a tour operator, or a travel agency.
    • Since then, both carriers have undertaken costly modifications to ensure there can be no repetition of the disaster which killed all 109 people on board as well as four on the ground.
    • In terms of its obligations under European Union accession, Bulgaria has to end the monopoly of the state railways, BDZ, and open the market to private railway carriers.
    • The difference between the traditional airlines and low-cost carriers will be that with the no-frills operators the passenger will have to pay up for their snacks in the cabin.
    • Despite government financial aid, the nine largest US carriers had a combined third quarter loss of $2.43 billion.
    • In contrast, the sea waybill is only a contract of carriage whereby the carrier undertakes to deliver the cargo to the person identified by the shipper as entitled to take delivery of the cargo.
    • But in an echo of the battle between budget airlines and traditional carriers, existing train firms are trying to stop the services before they even run.
    • Swiss Air Lines and Air France have become the latest European carriers to pull out of Manila, following British Airways, Alitalia and KLM.
    • Third party carriers deliver finished products directly to Jerome Cheese Company's customers from three shipping docks.
    • Bosses embarked on a programme of cost-cutting to reduce fees charged to airlines and entice new carriers, especially no-frills operators.
    • Tourism Ireland is also involved in co-operative marketing with carriers and the travel trade and promotions include new air services into the country.
    • Legislation drafted in February requires all member states to share airline-safety information, and tour operators to disclose the carriers being booked for their customers.
    • Others opted to avoid the national carrier and travel with American Airlines, they added.
    • The private carrier had earlier started services between Singapore and Mumbai.
    • Private carriers for a York parcel delivery company were today rejoicing at the news that they are to be paid at last.
    • Pirin Tourist has become the most profitable group in the tourism industry, with an air carrier, a tour operator, and a chain of hotels.
    • Following this week's collapse of Belgian airline Sabena, several more national carriers are under threat.
    • Time ran out for Sabena - which had made profits only twice in its 78-year history - and the ailing carrier ceased operations in November.
  • 2aircraft carrier

    portaaviones masculine
  • 3

    (of disease, gene)
    portador masculine
    portadora feminine
    • Rabies is most frequently transmitted to people by dogs, and so is most feared where dog populations are densest, although rural dogs and various wild animals are also carriers.
    • The dog is the important carrier or reservoir of rabies.
    • A child can only have Tay-Sachs disease if both parents are carriers of the gene.
    • According to the organisation, one in every 40 people is a genetic carrier of the disease and one in 6,000 babies is born with the disease.
    • They cause dairy and deer farmers anxiety as they are carriers of bovine tuberculosis.
    • The problem with existing vaccines is that vaccinated animals can be carriers of the disease even though they do not show any symptoms.
    • Kennedy's Syndrome occurs only in males, although 50% of female offspring are carriers.
    • Because women have two X chromosomes, one defective gene is not sufficient to cause the disease; instead women serve as carriers, passing the bad gene to sons.
    • Daughters cannot inherit the disease in this way but can become carriers and pass it down to their sons.
    • Premature ovarian failure occurs in up to 20 percent of women who are premutation carriers of the FMR1 gene.
    • Asymptomatic carriers can introduce the organism into new populations.
    • The farmers were asking for government subsidies for the losses they have suffered due to fears that the animals are potential carriers of the virus.
    • Between one and three percent of the Amish people of Lancaster County Pennsylvania are believed to be unaffected carriers of the disease, having just one copy of the altered gene.
    • It is an old enemy, the lethal form of a familiar virus, and a threat that has recurred down the centuries with animals the carriers, as the plague was spread by rats.
    • Sufferers of leprosy and tuberculosis as well as carriers of the germs responsible for those diseases are particularly at risk of this false positive reaction.
    • In the 1980s, there was no test to identify a carrier of the recessive gene for Canavan disease and no test to identify a fetus with the disease.
    • For instance, rabies can be controlled by avoiding rabid or any stray dogs coming into contact with sheep, as the dogs that may be carriers of the disease may bite them, and transmit the disease.
    • If you see any mice, rodents or other potential carriers of those dangerous fleas, kill them immediately.
    • It is known, however, that smallpox cannot be spread by an animal carrier, and therefore that method of transmission does not need to be considered.
    • Some infected but asymptomatic patients may be carriers.
    • Genetic tests can also be used to establish a diagnosis or identify gene carriers prior to the onset of symptoms.
    • If they inherited one good copy and one mutant copy they would be carriers of the disease, while remaining healthy themselves.
    • Approximately two-thirds of these people with chronic infection do not themselves get sick or die of the virus, but they are carriers and can transmit it to other people.
    • Two of the carriers were a cardiothoracic surgeon and a perfusionist.
    • An unaffected carrier male will pass on the pre-mutation to all of his daughters but to none of his sons.
    • These carrier animals could cause a new outbreak.
    • Counseling regarding the trait is important because the hemoglobin gene can be passed on to a carrier's child.
    • If no disease is present then the gene is recessive; the person is a carrier, but may pass on the defective gene to the offspring.
    • Counseling and education regarding the trait are important because the sickle gene can be passed to a carrier's children.
    • There is a two-in-four chance that the child will inherit one of each kind of gene and be a carrier like the parents and free of disease.
    • There is a 50% chance with each pregnancy that a carrier female will pass on the abnormal recessive gene.
    • Tsetse flies are carriers of trypanosomes - the parasites transmitted by their bites, which cause sleeping sickness in men and cattle.
    • If they have one copy of the gene they are carriers.
    • And there is a 25% chance that the baby will be completely free of the gene - not a carrier and not have the disease.
    • When the carrier insect feeds on a warm-blooded animal, the eggs hatch and the larva penetrates the skin.
    • A male can't pass the gene for hemophilia to his sons, though all his daughters will be carriers of the disease gene.
    • Roughly 5 percent of those who contract the illness become chronic carriers - excreting the typhoid bacteria in their stools for more than a year.
    • One solution commonly proposed to address disease outbreaks is to eliminate entire populations of the carrier animals.
    • The animal has been portrayed as a good sheep dog, a carrier of the needed aid, a messenger in the time of war, a seeing eye to the physically impaired, of simply a trusty household pet.
    • People with one normal gene and one sickle gene are carriers of the abnormal gene.
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    • 4.1also carrier bagBritish

      bolsa feminine
      (plastic bag) bolsa de plástico feminine
      (paper bag) bolsa de papel feminine

    • 4.2(on bicycle)

      (basket) cesta feminine
      (basket) canasta feminine
      (rack) portabultos masculine
      (rack) parrilla feminine Cuba Southern Cone
      • They rescued the cats, putting two in a carrier and a third in a bag.
      • As kids head back to school, they can now ditch their traditional paper, plastic and metal lunch carriers for a natural cotton canvas sack.
      • Kira had left her with a blanket, the clothes she was wearing, a stuffed animal and the infant carrier.
      • He then took the jute sack off the parcel carrier and worked his way through the hedge.
      • They will act as emergency water pumps and carriers and have been equipped to act as mobile workshops to maintain water supplies.
      • That was the trick to getting any sort of animal into a carrier - get the legs in, and the job was ninety-per-cent done.
      • The leaflet gives information about safety harnesses, pet carriers, dog guards and travel cages or crates.
      • Juveniles will not be used as water boys/hurley carriers and players will not be allowed to engaged in ball practice during the half-time interval.
      • Downstairs they found eight more dogs in pet carriers and a parrot in a cage.
      • If you want to use a T-perch on top of your bird carrier then allow your parrot to sit on the perch for a short time every day so that he/she gets used to it.
      • The weather, though rather cloudy, was ideal for the occasion and in case dehydration set in plenty of water carriers were on standby.
      • As most cat owners know, the most difficult part about this task is getting the cat into the pet carrier.
      • Earlier in the week they met villagers who had trekked across the mountains to meet aid trucks carrying blankets, bedding, food and water carriers.
      • If not all the luggage can be taken with the mother and baby, a parcel carrier could be used instead of a taxi.
      • Lines of horse-boxes and animal carriers filled the streets from early morning and by noon there was not a spare parking spot between Muckduff and Cowell's Corner or anywhere in between.
      • Then, the main body of troops/engineers/water carriers will arrive and pretend to be soldiers before, I suspect, running home very quickly.
      • Then I carried him to the entry way and as we rounded the corner (where the pet carrier awaited) I pulled the towel over his head.