Translation of carrier pigeon in Spanish:

carrier pigeon

paloma mensajera, n.


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    paloma mensajera feminine
    • Command and control through the use of fires, flags, trumpets, carrier pigeons, etc., continued to be a part of warfare for centuries.
    • Send smoke signals or carrier pigeons for assistance,’ remarked one resident.
    • I'm just waiting for his campaign to abolish e-mail and bring back the carrier pigeon.
    • ‘I have heard of carrier pigeons,’ Soren finally said.
    • The biggest shortcoming of the book is its paucity of illustrations: we're told over and over about amazing creatures from the gomphothere to the carrier pigeon, but only a handful of them are pictured.
    • General Slim listed carrier pigeons, dogs, ponies, mules, horses, bullocks, buffaloes, and elephants as all being used by his Fourteenth Army in the Burma campaign.
    • Reuters was then a scruffy but prestigious news agency, with a heavy emphasis on business information going back to the days when it delivered stock prices via carrier pigeons.
    • There were two impulses to the following: the impulse to follow him, that is me, and the impulse to simply, like a carrier pigeon, return home.
    • The carrier pigeons were often a vital link between remote police stations when traditional communications failed, beating storms, disasters - and birds of prey.
    • Even the ancient standby of the carrier pigeon was resorted to by both sides.
    • Once the armies left their railheads, they moved largely at the speed of the marching man and communicated at the speed of the galloping horse or the carrier pigeon, exactly like the armies of a century before.
    • ‘This came for you on a carrier pigeon early this morning,’ he replied.
    • This was in the days before the internet and I, as a young cub reporter, had to send my missives from the front line back to the Telegraph by carrier pigeon.
    • When I fell sick, I sent a carrier pigeon down to the nearby village of Kishon.
    • Sending a carrier pigeon down Pennsylvania Avenue with a diplomatic note doesn't work in the United States.
    • A signal flare was fired and a carrier pigeon released in order to convey to HMS Arethusa waiting off-shore that the battery had been silenced.
    • Using Schletterer's connections with the pigeon breeder network, some 40 experts are now keeping and training about 1,500 carrier pigeons for military use.
    • It is believed the samples were intercepted while being transported by carrier pigeon to the testing laboratory.
    • The New York World, owned by Joseph Pulitzer, used carrier pigeons to deliver photographic negatives.
    • It was founded by Paul Julius Reuter, a German Jew transplanted to London who had once used carrier pigeons to bridge a telegraph gap between Belgium and Germany.