Translation of cash-strapped in Spanish:


sin dinero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkæʃstræpt///



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    sin dinero
    • The cash-strapped council is keen to increase public access to the building - and also to tap into its potential as a money raiser.
    • Ministers have bowed to pressure by weakening a series of expensive regulations after protests from cash-strapped home owners.
    • Sadly, it is all too rare for our cash-strapped national galleries to find the money to keep the item in this country.
    • It's about raising money for a cash-strapped district council.
    • A cash-strapped Sea Cadet unit has had its donated minibus torched by vandals, months after all the unit's windows were smashed.
    • He said he would much rather see the money spent on cash-strapped council services.
    • Every penny counts for cash-strapped students, so it makes sense to ensure money is not given away needlessly.
    • A cash-strapped school is to charge families £30 next year to ease its crippling financial crisis.
    • Fabian, who was born with cerebral palsy, will have his place cut by the cash-strapped pre-school if money is not found quickly.
    • Councils are to be stripped of the power to divert money meant for flood defences to other cash-strapped services.
    • A new terminal financed solely by the airport operator is unlikely to be an option, given its cash-strapped situation.
    • A third party is thought to be on the brink of buying the cash-strapped business and providing a secure future for both children and most staff.
    • Workers are being given bigger job titles rather than bigger salaries as cash-strapped companies try to keep employees happy.
    • But the cash-strapped club, which celebrates its centenary this year, cannot afford to be among the bidders.
    • No one likes to lose money, especially not cash-strapped, starving students such as myself.
    • As any employee of a cash-strapped non profit can tell you, money for professional development is rarely available.
    • But the clubs might have to fund the first year without major income, and that could harm cash-strapped clubs in the short term.
    • Potential buyers of the cash-strapped club need to firm up their interest before the end of this week, when City's coffers are expected to run dry.
    • A cash-strapped football club for deaf people will be able to continue thanks to a £2,000 donation
    • The judge said the cash-strapped council was responsible for ‘systemic deficiencies’.