Translation of cash desk in Spanish:

cash desk

caja, n.



  • 1

    caja feminine
    • It is well worth checking what the store's policy is before you pay at the cash desk - rather than find yourself disappointed later.
    • The Louvre museum remained open and entry was free because there were too few workers to staff the cash desks.
    • He went back into the nightclub to again explain the case to staff and was told that if he paid 10 he could gain admission but to get a refund he had to be back to the cash desk within three minutes.
    • Just like in the Soviet Union, one had to queue at the cash desk first, and then - to the counter, behind which a busty peroxide blonde in a grubby apron was unhurriedly handing over the coveted cartons of juice to the customers.
    • I did buy some other posters as well, but I can't imagine what the man at the cash desk was thinking.
    • On a very basic level: if you run a large department store with only one or two centralized cash desks per floor, they should constantly have enough staff to handle the customer traffic.
    • A notice was displayed at the cash desk reading, ‘In the interests of hygiene we do not accept the return of any empty bottles.’
    • Then we were confronted with a friendly and professional lady who, after sending us to the cash desk, accepted our applications.
    • Even so, we were well to the front of the queue and made our selection but discovered that the crush behind us was such that struggling to the cash desk with our purchases was no easy undertaking.
    • Like Zhang, consumers with packages of furniture waited in long lines at the cash desk.
    • My teeth were chattering, as I carefully separated the two identical slips of paper I was carrying and handed a single sheet to the woman behind the cash desk.
    • Have you found a building pass there today, near pump 10 or the cash desk?
    • He sold tickets behind the cash desk and then ice cream in the auditorium.
    • I get what I'm looking for, and the woman at the cash desk does not hand me my purchase in a carrier bag until I have placed my purse in my handbag and securely fastened my handbag.
    • And she used to park him at the cash desk while she went off and did her shopping.
    • Ordinary people - the guy at the cash desk in the garage - will always fall short of the expectations built into the design scheme, which looked so convincing in the drawings and plans.
    • Book buyers in five cities across Canada were interviewed as they walked away from the cash desk with a Canadian-published book in their hand and asked why they had selected that particular title to buy.
    • The place has a gimmick for ordering the food which works particularly well in that particular restaurant. You order at a cash desk and then they give you a pager.
    • The job cuts will be mainly among cash desk assistants in administrative and support departments.
    • A man with a wide plank of wood turned around at the back of the queue for the Homebase cash desk and smacked it into me as I walked past with my little green basket.