Translation of cash dispenser in Spanish:

cash dispenser

cajero automático, n.



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    cajero automático masculine
    cajero permanente masculine
    • In these currencies cash dispensers will need to be capable of issuing two currencies for a period of up to two months before legacy currencies are finally phased out at the end of June.
    • He had taken a wallet which contained pin numbers to the owner's cards and gone straight to the cash dispenser, creating a stir when he repeatedly withdrew large amounts.
    • Attempts to introduce additional charges on cash dispensers not only annoyed customers for the banks' avarice but for their incompetence.
    • Wiping the sweat from neck as I finally became second in line, I watched with bewilderment at the performance of the young lady at the cash dispenser.
    • At a cash dispenser, he tried the next four digit number that he's taken from Endsleigh's notebook.
    • Police would like to speak to anyone with information on these crimes or who notices suspicious activity in the area of a cash dispenser.
    • When I drew money from a cash dispenser recently I inadvertently used my credit card instead of my bank debit card.
    • Too many poor people would be excluded by this and by increased charges on cash dispensers - and this social division will now accelerate at a rate of knots.
    • Other people misuse this car park when they want to use the cash dispenser.
    • The victim is usually unaware that their card has been ‘stolen’ until their monthly statements arrive as the cash dispenser returns their card and carries out any service request as normal.
    • The robber had taken the buggy containing Ms Burns' four-month-old baby while the mother withdrew money from a cash dispenser.
    • The thieves succeeded in removing the cash dispenser from the wall of the bank but abandoned the JCB at the scene after the alarm was raised by local residents.
    • One banking spokesman said: ‘In America it is very common to pay a fee to use a cash dispenser.’
    • Police have this week issued four video stills of men they wish to speak to in connection with the theft of money from an in-store cash dispenser in Marlborough.
    • The village is to get another cash dispenser.
    • The code formalises the agreements reached earlier this year on cash dispenser charges, underlining that nobody should be double - charged for making a withdrawal.
    • Cashpoint users have had thousands of pounds drained from their bank accounts thanks to a small device crooks fixed to the front of an automated cash dispenser in Marlborough.
    • I seem to remember getting sixpence a tooth in those far-off days when, full of hope, I left my baby teeth under my pillow; nowadays, you're talking about a trip to the cash dispenser.
    • In most of Europe it is now much simpler - and often cheaper - to use your debit card to draw money from the nearest cash dispenser as you need it.
    • We are investing millions in cash dispensers, in internet banking services and in the quality of our staff and training, to ensure we give our customers the high-quality service they demand.