Translation of cashmere in Spanish:


cachemir, n.

Pronunciation /kaʃˈmɪə//ˈkaʃmɪə//ˈkæʒˌmɪr//ˈkæʃˌmɪr/


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    cachemir masculine
    cachemira feminine
    • I do not have experience dyeing wool, cashmere, angora, or other similar hair fibers, so I cannot speak directly.
    • Merino wool is soft and luxurious, resembling cashmere.
    • The Alpaca fleece is soft as cashmere but warmer, lighter and stronger than wool and it comes in many natural colours.
    • International buyers came to Texas looking to purchase kid mohair and cashmere.
    • Merino, cashmere, Angora… these luxury yarns were too expensive to be hastily turned into just another scarf.
    • If you think cashmere is soft, you should try alpaca.
    • There are dyes for wool & cashmere that generally require hot water - even on top of the stove application.
    • For two decades poachers have slaughtered chiru by the thousands for their wool, which is finer and more expensive than cashmere.
    • The name cashmere was derived from Kashmir, the state of India, where the cashmere goat was initially found.