Translation of cassis in Spanish:


crema de cassis, n.

Pronunciation /kæˈsis//kaˈsiːs//ˈkasɪs/


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    crema de cassis feminine
    cassis masculine
    • Pour the crème de cassis into a champagne flute, then fill slowly with chilled dry champagne.
    • Most cassis, a black-currant liqueur, is imported from France.
    • They're widely used for the syrupy crème de cassis.
    • Add cassis liqueur, stock and thyme; reduce to a thin sauce consistency, skimming surface as necessary.
    • I took a Kir to whet my thirst - a blend of white wine and cassis whilst F celebrated the afternoon with a large cold beer.
    • I dived into the plateful as if I hadn't eaten for a week and soon felt well enough to finish the remaining half glass of my champagne avec cassis.
    • Shake 30 ml Remy Martin Cognac, 15 ml crème de cassis and 30 ml rhubarb compote or jam vigorously.
    • Slice the strawberries into a blender, add the crème de cassis and blend.
    • Liqueurs commonly made this way include triple sec, cassis, Cointreau, Grand Mariner and so forth.
    • My mega-meal included an aperitif of Kir - white wine and crème de cassis - for a nice mix of dry and sweet.
    • Gently heat the champagne in the pan with the sugar and crème de cassis, then add the softened gelatine leaves.
    • This is also suitable ground for Bourgogne Aligoté, especially as the blackcurrant bushes needed for the production of cassis can often be seen growing alongside.
    • Lines include traditional ‘cremes’ (menthe, cocoa, cassis, etc) along with new flavors.
    • It is also important in the production of fruit-flavoured spirits such as the crème de cassis used in making a vin blanc cassis or Kir which is the aromatic and deeply coloured product of blackcurrants macerated in alcohol.
    • Guests were welcomed with a sparkling wine with a dash of cassis, then on to the more serious matter of the timbale of shrimp Parma ham and vegetables in tuna sauce, followed by a curry flavoured chicken cream soup, and lemon grass sorbet.
    • The sorbet came in three flavours - apple, lychee and cassis.
    • In each of them I poured a few drops of crème de cassis, a thick sweet blackcurrant liqueur, mostly used diluted in white wine to make Kir cocktails.
    • In France the alcoholic cordial crème de cassis, made in the vicinity of Dijon in Burgundy from locally grown blackcurrants, won worldwide fame.
    • Certain words are commonly associated with certain grape varieties, such as cassis and Cabernet Sauvignon, gooseberries and Sauvignon Blanc, or butter and Chardonnay.
    • We lived on no sleep, cigarettes and sugar, with an occasional dash of sirop de cassis in our champagne for vitamins.