Translation of castrate in Spanish:


castrar, v.

Pronunciation /kaˈstreɪt//ˈkæˌstreɪt//ˈkastreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Male calves were castrated either at birth, at time of initial vaccination, or at weaning.
    • The mouse was also castrated, so that it would produce a higher level of the hormone that switches on sperm production.
    • Nine cats were castrated males; three cats were females: two of them were spayed.
    • Other bulls are castrated, and this seems to be simply based on the individual preference of their owner, although a castrate will grow larger and hence become more valuable.
    • Then at 18 she met a group of eunuchs - castrated men who dressed as women and sang and danced for a living.
    • Such an income would not only have benefited the castrato but, more importantly, the family that castrated him.
    • The best day, by far, was watching the vet castrate a colt, but for some strange reason, Peter doesn't like me to talk about that too explicitly.
    • The Emperor of China would employ eunuchs, castrated men, as guards and servants in his Palace.
    • Men, in particular, have abhorred the idea of castrating their dogs, as if it were some kind of crime against male dominance.
    • She could do anything he could, from riding and roping to branding the cattle and castrating the bulls.
    • We later found out that the song was about a woman who got revenge on a rapist by castrating him.
    • Adrian had a sudden fear that the man might borrow his accomplice's knife and castrate him, or at the very least stab him.
    • At birth, calves were identified with a numbered ear tag, they were weighed, sex was recorded, and male calves were castrated.
    • His desire for power is so great that he castrates himself in order to attain invincible and mystical powers.
    • Some castrate their dogs just because they are energetic.
    • Cronus used a sickle to castrate his father Uranus, and he is often portrayed throughout literature as having a long beard.