Translation of casual in Spanish:


superficial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkæʒuəl//ˈkaʒjʊəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(superficial)

      (inspection) superficial
      a casual glance una ojeada rápida
      • it's just a casual relationship es una relación superficial / sin trascendencia
      • a casual acquaintance una conocida
      • casual sex should be avoided evite las relaciones sexuales promiscuas
      • Indeed, to the casual viewer, nothing of consequence seems to happen.
      • From Tampa to Denver, there is enough intrigue to stoke the interest of even the most casual football fan.
      • The careless, the casual, the thoughtless reader will come away from them no wiser than he was before.
      • To the casual observer, the Eastern Catholic churches might appear indistinguishable from their Orthodox neighbours.
      • And to even the most casual observer, the conference delegates are clearly very well behaved and polite.
      • The casual observer might find such a slow-paced, drawnout pastime to be something of an anachronism in today's quick-fix high-paced world.
      • We can thus accommodate more casual gamers who want to play on their own time and in short sessions.
      • The commentators for the race managed to pitch their remarks at the precise level that bores both casual watchers and fans.
      • I can understand why casual observers are sceptical.
      • Even as a casual observer, I can tell that there's some real tension in the air rather than the usual feel-good vibe that comes out of the event.
      • To the casual observer, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense.
      • The movie assumes the audience knows Curtis and his world beforehand and doesn't convince the casual viewer he's worth caring about.
      • Even a casual reading would suffice to demonstrate that Ross's account is wholly unreliable.
      • A casual observer may have merely thought the moment a little odd.
      • To the casual observer, the impression is almost ideal.
      • The casual observer may be unable to tell them apart.
      • They just sat there like a couple of casual observers with no vested interest.
      • ‘The old fool in love’ may seem ridiculous to the casual witness, but those in love simply don't care.
      • Yet if 20: 20 cricket, as it is known, has brought in the casual fan, remarkably it has been the drawn-out five-day game that has them salivating.
      • If the browsers at the museum appear transient, casual, and random, the art they come to see is still, exacting, and formal.

    • 1.2(chance)

      (caller/reader/visit) ocasional
      a casual encounter un encuentro casual / fortuito
      • This has purely been a casual meeting in the street.
      • Both rely heavily on rhyme, favoring couplets but committed to casual or accidental placement rather than to any definite scheme.
      • Many of the poem's juxtapositions seem casual or accidental at first, but then turn treacherous.
      • I don't want to give the feeling that the choices of imagery are accidental, or casual - that this picture could just as well be another picture.
      • He idolises Kavanagh, and engineers a casual meeting with him on the way to school each morning.

    • 1.3(informal)

      (atmosphere/chat) informal
      (clothes) de sport
      (clothes) informal
      we meet for a casual drink from time to time nos vemos para tomar algo de vez en cuando
      • One cannot dismiss it as a casual remark from a man who spent two decades in this field of management.
      • Those who have heard him play over the last year confirm that for all the hasty coronations, casual dismissals, breezy hype and sour grapes of the past, Smith is an artist just coming into his own.
      • Her brother, in a casual remark, later refers to her torrid past.
      • With a mostly casual, fun and relaxed vibe, there's also that tingly suspicion that a monster party is just a song away.
      • I do recall that a casual remark was made to the effect that my nose was similar to that of the deceased woman but had placed no particular significance on this.
      • That seemingly casual remark inaugurated a six-week period during which I played the most consistently good golf I've ever played.
      • But then in January 1998 came that casual conversation at the London gym that sent Morgan in a new direction.
      • The relaxed, casual atmosphere of the center provides the ideal setting for their afternoon discussion.
      • Scott had wanted a relaxed, casual reception that looked more like a dance club than a wedding reception.
      • The hope is that great science can be facilitated by chance meetings on a staircase or casual observations and musing over a sandwich and a cup of coffee.
      • ‘Oh that, it was just a casual remark,’ he said turning back to the road.
      • The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly and their prices are very reasonable.
      • Even a casual remark about appearance, taken very seriously, can be a trigger in a person who has low self-esteem.
      • At that point and on your show I didn't know what that meant at all because it was such a casual offhand remark.
      • It's an opportunity for friends to get together in the park in a casual relaxed setting to enjoy great food and entertainment.
      • As always with our friends, it was a casual, relaxed and interesting evening.
      • She was later shattered to learn from a casual remark at a lunch party of his death at Gallipoli.
      • The man commands a presence and an element of style not expected or previously delivered in the casual atmosphere of the MMVAs.
      • I was certainly caught off guard by this casual remark, but after mulling over what he said I decided I was not in the least bit offended.
      • The strip reads like a casual improvisation, though beyond the unbalanced setting, there isn't much invention on display.
      • The Meinton room on the ground floor is a place for speedy Thai, Malaysian and Chinese food, with a casual noodle bar style atmosphere.
      • Does a casual remark from a coworker stick in your memory?
      • I suspect they privately think his comments were ill-advised but were loath to lose a second top Senate leader over casual remarks in the space of six months.
      • The extent to which young people can exploit this situation has meant that their most casual impulses carry more weight than they ever have before this time.
      • Art on the walls, for sale and appreciation, adds to the relaxed and casual atmosphere, adding a touch of class and sophistication.
      • Cheap drinks, a chatty and casual atmosphere and great meal deals are the main things you would normally associate with a Wetherspoon's pub.
      • It was an uninterrupted performance, of spoken thoughts woven with casual comments through which her life and her views would automatically emerge.
      • A casual remark Cook made on being asked about his feelings on arriving at the ‘North Pole’ seems to support this inference.
      • Then they hear some remark, casual or otherwise, and the player ruins his or her style trying to be like somebody else.
      • This upset Scott who read more into the casual remark, but Jon tried to talk his friend out of any type of confrontation in the matter.

  • 2

    (tone/disregard/attitude) despreocupado
    (remark) hecho al pasar
    she seemed very casual about the whole thing parecía no darle mucha importancia al asunto
    • he's rather casual about keeping appointments es bastante informal para cumplir sus compromisos
    • act casual, there's a policeman coming disimula, que ahí viene un policía
    • But I do worry that too casual an attitude to safety sets a poor example for the more impressionable among the diving community.
    • When life and death are treated in such a casual manner, are we not breeding people who attach no value to human life, not even their own?
    • The reasons behind the increase are believed by researchers and police to be an increasingly casual attitude to the law, particularly among young drivers.
    • In their attitude to waste and higher prices, ministers reveal a casual disregard for the taxpayers and consumers who foot the bills.
    • This is a world of endemic and endless daily violence, and a seemingly casual disregard for the value of life.
    • She tried to sound casual, as if she really didn't care if he were talking to her or not, hoping he'd be taken aback.
    • Behind his casual attitude lies the strict discipline a teacher asks of a pupil.
    • This probably explains the rather casual manner in which Gamelin delivered his instructions to Georges.
    • I plunged my hands into my trouser pockets and tried to affect a casual air, even though I found myself suddenly embarrassed.
    • She also believed that a lot of speech, even on the radio, is too casual and slipshod.
    • Even where an employer owes a non-delegable duty he is not liable for the collateral or casual negligence of an independent contractor.
    • His posture might have been casual and uncaring but his eyes gave it all away.
    • He couldn't have been more casual, more laid-back, more brutal.
    • I believe that in any military action carried out by a government against a nation, a certain casual disregard for human life occurs.
    • But the casual disregard for the welfare of the poor is still very much a feature of life in the subcontinent.
    • What kind of crimes will these kids be committing as they get older, if they have this casual disregard of life at such an early age?
    • I am saying, however, that we have been extraordinarily casual and slap-dash and we really do need to look at the situation from the ground up.
    • Other countries don't share this casual attitude.
    • But even though his tone was casual enough, there was nothing but complete honesty and sincerity in his green-gold eyes.
    • Did the physician and surgical staff members present demonstrate an attitude that was too casual and cavalier?
    • Her voice sounded casual, yet there was something unsaid gleaming in her dark brown eyes.
    • His expression is casual, relaxed, though maybe a little tired.
    • Even then, the British experts have been amazed by the casual attitude taken towards such a dangerous substance.
    • I sincerely believe the reason we have such a casual attitude toward guns and gun handling is the fact almost everyone has never been shot before.
    • Though his voice was casual, Skye caught a flicker of trouble in his eyes, and she could hear his doubt.
    • When there's a rapport, architects can be somewhat casual about the process.
    • A related objection can be made to the casual manner in which the evolutionary hypotheses are occasionally used.
    • I would be filled with rage at this casual disregard of my only child's suffering, if it weren't for the fact that it was pretty darn hilarious.
    • Despite that, Olivia dismisses his remark with a casual shrug.
    • It's this built-in food supply that makes these types of plants more forgiving of casual care and attention.
    • Such a casual attitude keeps leading to nasty accidents.
    • The best it seems to me that you can put against Andar is that there was a casual act of negligence on the part of its employee in not inspecting this particular trolley.
    • Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell, now the chairman of Disney's board, revealed the casual manner in which Ovitz was hired.
    • She then walks away with a casual, uncaring swagger.
  • 3

    (not regular)
    (employment/labor/job) eventual
    (employment/labor/job) ocasional
    casual worker (on farm) jornalera feminine
    • to do casual work trabajar como eventual
    • Many worked in low-paying temporary and casual jobs with extended hours.
    • The most recent official figures show that 2.81 million people are employed on a part-time or casual basis.
    • By contrast, there has been a growth in predominantly casual and part-time jobs in services such as retail, tourism and hospitality.
    • They were paid award wages, and were employed on a full-time, part-time, or casual basis.
    • This site employs over 200 permanent and casual employees.
    • They supported themselves by casual jobs in dressmaking, trade, or service until they married.
    • The hoped-for post-war demand to replace ship losses did not fully materialise due to recession, and many jobs were casual.
    • Despite receiving state benefits to help cover her living expenses, Alexandra has had to top-up her income with casual jobs throughout her studies.
    • Second, there's not much impact on poverty if new jobs are casual, part-time and poorly paid.
    • He could not return to his casual post-retirement job as a security guard as a result, and his loss of income had a considerable impact on his family's finances.
    • Women are more likely to be employed in part-time or casual work and are less likely to hold management positions.
    • However, up to now, insecure, temporary or casual jobs were strictly regulated and constituted a minority.
    • The report finds that low paid mothers, many employed in casual or part-time jobs, are the least likely to have access to paid maternity leave.
    • Many of the call centre jobs will be casual or part-time, and all will be poorly paid.
    • Many of those who found work were employed on a casual basis or in jobs that were ‘markedly poorer in almost all respects’.
    • Sometimes Janet also does odd jobs on a casual basis, ‘But mostly I live on loans,’ she says.
    • Last year the government reduced funding for a range of courses and restricted the hiring of casual teachers, forcing regular teachers to take larger classes.
    • She wants nothing more than a normal life with a proper home and a regular wage, and she is prepared to go to desperate lengths to try to keep the casual factory jobs she gets and loses on a regular basis.
    • The loss of a part-time job or a casual job can, to that person, be just as important as the loss of a full-time job.
    • Today journalists have to accept short-term, temporary and casual jobs in a market that is ferociously competitive.


  • 1

    (on farm) jornalero masculine
    (on farm) jornalera feminine
    (in factory) obrero eventual masculine
    (in factory) obrera eventual feminine
    • But if the casuals are really mislabeled regular employees, they can appeal to the union for representation.
    • Over the past 12 months casuals have represented about 10% of the total operational cargo workforce.
    • The win comes as unions call for the focus of drinking to be on impairment, its occupational health and safety implications and its wider causes such as fatigue, overwork, and the use of casuals and outsourcing.
    • Stephen Rolls was already working on the wharves as a casual with Patrick.
    • The longest-serving casual at the recycling plant had been a delegate and safety committee secretary.
    • I have had this job now for four months and I am a casual.
    • Women are employed as casuals so their employers can slide out of paying full entitlements such as maternity leave.
    • The casuals are employed to collect levies from the drivers of public minivans and city buses.
    • The casuals are only paid 100 rupees a day.
    • Cairns - an important tourism gateway - has only one fulltime airport and employs 11 casuals and 8 part-time workers.
    • Since she wasn't there to supervise them and had casuals watching the class, the students just went crazy and didn't do anything.
    • The casuals have been employed at the hospital for more than seven years.
    • So we always look to re-deploy people or re-train them and the use of casuals is really about having flexibility to meet customer demand.
    • Thousands of young retail workers, for example, continue to work as casuals, employed as little as 16 hours a week, frequently spread over broken shifts.
    • Today there are only about 30 workers - four permanent employees, who were retained when Cey-nor was transferred to North Sea in July 2001, and the remainder casuals.
    • There are people working on a regular roster, working 20 hours or more who are still seen as casuals.
    • But this award has not prescribed ordinary hours for a casual.
    • Regular casuals in pubs, hotels and casinos will be able to convert to permanency after 12 months, while power workers whose jobs were contracted have been re-employed by Integral Energy.
    • At present, childcare workers are employed as casuals.
    • Qantas has added the 106 short-haul casuals to a roster of management, ex-management and overseas-based non-union crew on standby to scab in the event of further industrial action.
  • 2casuals plural

    ropa de sport feminine
    • Or just slip into some casuals and simply walk into the rain!
    • Dressed in casuals and far removed from the bright lights on the theatrical stage, he looks different from the characters he portrayed so powerfully, the day before.
    • All I can say is, thank God for cotton casuals, fleece sweatshirts and elastic-waist stirrup pants!
    • She stayed here since they brought you in, minus the time she took to change into casuals.
    • Another satisfying feature of these sandals is their looks… the active sandals unlike many others appear graceful and go with almost all the casuals.
    • Wearing casuals, they might have been taken for weekenders, just come from the city for a stroll on the beach in the pleasant weather, except that the officers had seen them on the boats.
    • Some were attired in figure-hugging minis, some were dressed in sparkling evening wear and a few in casuals.
    • More and more people are wearing dressy casuals for most occasions and this has meant a great growth in cotton casuals.
    • You don't have to go to sea to look good in this year's nautically-themed summer casuals.
    • They could've been on their way home from the gym, they were all wearing sports casuals.
    • When I came back down, I actually met the guy, and he looked me up and down in that disapproving look, because I was just wearing casuals.
    • The crowd was a mix of men and woman, some in casuals, others dressed up.
    • It has a fairly wide range of business casuals, all in cotton and cotton-rich fabrics.
    • You can, of course, chill out at most mealtimes in smart casuals.
    • Eager to don their best and shelve their inhibitions for one night, members were only two keen to trade their golfing casuals and show off their style, all for a good cause, the have a bit of fun at their own expense.
    • Bertie on the beach in white and yellow check casuals, hair blowing in the breeze, bopping alongside the rest, enjoying his EU observer status.
    • From night gowns to casuals, she could find them all.
    • First it was boys who took to the ramp and in casuals and some in sports gear, they had the audience cheering and clapping.