Translation of casual in Spanish:


superficial, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈkaʒjʊəl//ˈkæʒuəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(superficial)

      (inspection) superficial
      a casual glance una ojeada rápida
      • it's just a casual relationship es una relación superficial / sin trascendencia
      • a casual acquaintance un conocido
      • casual sex should be avoided evite las relaciones sexuales promiscuas
      • The careless, the casual, the thoughtless reader will come away from them no wiser than he was before.
      • Even a casual reading would suffice to demonstrate that Ross's account is wholly unreliable.
      • We can thus accommodate more casual gamers who want to play on their own time and in short sessions.
      • And to even the most casual observer, the conference delegates are clearly very well behaved and polite.
      • To the casual observer, the impression is almost ideal.
      • The casual observer might find such a slow-paced, drawnout pastime to be something of an anachronism in today's quick-fix high-paced world.
      • The commentators for the race managed to pitch their remarks at the precise level that bores both casual watchers and fans.
      • ‘The old fool in love’ may seem ridiculous to the casual witness, but those in love simply don't care.
      • Indeed, to the casual viewer, nothing of consequence seems to happen.
      • A casual observer may have merely thought the moment a little odd.
      • I can understand why casual observers are sceptical.
      • To the casual observer, the Eastern Catholic churches might appear indistinguishable from their Orthodox neighbours.
      • To the casual observer, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense.
      • From Tampa to Denver, there is enough intrigue to stoke the interest of even the most casual football fan.
      • The movie assumes the audience knows Curtis and his world beforehand and doesn't convince the casual viewer he's worth caring about.
      • The casual observer may be unable to tell them apart.
      • If the browsers at the museum appear transient, casual, and random, the art they come to see is still, exacting, and formal.
      • Yet if 20: 20 cricket, as it is known, has brought in the casual fan, remarkably it has been the drawn-out five-day game that has them salivating.
      • Even as a casual observer, I can tell that there's some real tension in the air rather than the usual feel-good vibe that comes out of the event.
      • They just sat there like a couple of casual observers with no vested interest.

    • 1.2(chance)

      (reader/caller/visit) ocasional
      a casual encounter un encuentro casual / fortuito
      • I don't want to give the feeling that the choices of imagery are accidental, or casual - that this picture could just as well be another picture.
      • Many of the poem's juxtapositions seem casual or accidental at first, but then turn treacherous.
      • This has purely been a casual meeting in the street.
      • He idolises Kavanagh, and engineers a casual meeting with him on the way to school each morning.
      • Both rely heavily on rhyme, favoring couplets but committed to casual or accidental placement rather than to any definite scheme.

    • 1.3(informal)

      (atmosphere/chat) informal
      (clothes) de sport
      (clothes) informal
      we meet for a casual drink from time to time nos vemos para tomar algo de vez en cuando
      • She was later shattered to learn from a casual remark at a lunch party of his death at Gallipoli.
      • The extent to which young people can exploit this situation has meant that their most casual impulses carry more weight than they ever have before this time.
      • As always with our friends, it was a casual, relaxed and interesting evening.
      • Art on the walls, for sale and appreciation, adds to the relaxed and casual atmosphere, adding a touch of class and sophistication.
      • The man commands a presence and an element of style not expected or previously delivered in the casual atmosphere of the MMVAs.
      • This upset Scott who read more into the casual remark, but Jon tried to talk his friend out of any type of confrontation in the matter.
      • ‘Oh that, it was just a casual remark,’ he said turning back to the road.
      • Then they hear some remark, casual or otherwise, and the player ruins his or her style trying to be like somebody else.
      • A casual remark Cook made on being asked about his feelings on arriving at the ‘North Pole’ seems to support this inference.
      • It was an uninterrupted performance, of spoken thoughts woven with casual comments through which her life and her views would automatically emerge.
      • But then in January 1998 came that casual conversation at the London gym that sent Morgan in a new direction.
      • I was certainly caught off guard by this casual remark, but after mulling over what he said I decided I was not in the least bit offended.
      • At that point and on your show I didn't know what that meant at all because it was such a casual offhand remark.
      • The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly and their prices are very reasonable.
      • One cannot dismiss it as a casual remark from a man who spent two decades in this field of management.
      • That seemingly casual remark inaugurated a six-week period during which I played the most consistently good golf I've ever played.
      • The strip reads like a casual improvisation, though beyond the unbalanced setting, there isn't much invention on display.
      • Her brother, in a casual remark, later refers to her torrid past.
      • Those who have heard him play over the last year confirm that for all the hasty coronations, casual dismissals, breezy hype and sour grapes of the past, Smith is an artist just coming into his own.
      • Cheap drinks, a chatty and casual atmosphere and great meal deals are the main things you would normally associate with a Wetherspoon's pub.
      • The Meinton room on the ground floor is a place for speedy Thai, Malaysian and Chinese food, with a casual noodle bar style atmosphere.
      • Does a casual remark from a coworker stick in your memory?
      • The hope is that great science can be facilitated by chance meetings on a staircase or casual observations and musing over a sandwich and a cup of coffee.
      • With a mostly casual, fun and relaxed vibe, there's also that tingly suspicion that a monster party is just a song away.
      • Scott had wanted a relaxed, casual reception that looked more like a dance club than a wedding reception.
      • It's an opportunity for friends to get together in the park in a casual relaxed setting to enjoy great food and entertainment.
      • The relaxed, casual atmosphere of the center provides the ideal setting for their afternoon discussion.
      • I suspect they privately think his comments were ill-advised but were loath to lose a second top Senate leader over casual remarks in the space of six months.
      • Even a casual remark about appearance, taken very seriously, can be a trigger in a person who has low self-esteem.
      • I do recall that a casual remark was made to the effect that my nose was similar to that of the deceased woman but had placed no particular significance on this.

  • 2

    (tone/disregard/attitude) despreocupado
    (remark) hecho al pasar
    she seemed very casual about the whole thing parecía no darle mucha importancia al asunto
    • he's rather casual about keeping appointments es bastante informal para cumplir sus compromisos
    • act casual, there's a policeman coming disimula, que ahí viene un policía
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    (not regular)
    (labor/employment/job) eventual
    (job/labor/employment) ocasional
    casual worker (on farm) jornalero masculine
    • to do casual work trabajar como eventual


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    (on farm) jornalero masculine
    (on farm) jornalera feminine
    (in factory) obrero eventual masculine
    (in factory) obrera eventual feminine
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    ropa de sport feminine