Translation of casual Friday in Spanish:

casual Friday

viernes informal, n.


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    (día en el que no es necesario vestir traje y corbata en el trabajo) viernes informal masculine
    • Plus, we all know it feels better than a suit and tie, but is casual Friday actually good for your health?
    • For starters, if you're tucking your shirt into your pants, then you should wear a belt - unless it's casual Friday at the office.
    • It's casual Friday, so I assume that conservative business attire is not required.
    • I don't tuck in my t-shirt… unless it's casual Friday, when a t-shirt is acceptable but only if it's tucked.
    • Every day has become casual Friday, but there's no need to compromise style.
    • They arrive early and stay late and glare reproachfully at anyone who leaves anywhere near on time. They take everything so seriously and wear suits even on slightly casual Friday.
    • And if these too-good-to-be-true paragons can also deliver the goods, it'll be the best change in management style since casual Friday.
    • I had been wearing the usual casual Friday clothes, jeans and a sweater with the Tigers logo on the front, and I looked exhausted.
    • The problem is, casual Friday has permeated the whole week.
    • And if they really wanted to prepare us for the real world, why not make us wear a shirt and tie everyday except casual Friday?