Translation of casualty in Spanish:


herido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʒjʊəlti//ˈkæʒ(u)əlti/

nounPlural casualties

  • 1

    (injured person) herido masculine
    (injured person) herida feminine
    (dead person) víctima feminine
    Military baja feminine
    there were no casualties no hubo que lamentar desgracias personales formal
    • they suffered heavy casualties tuvieron muchas bajas
    • truth is the first casualty of war la verdad es la primera víctima de la guerra
    • before noun casualty list relación de bajas
  • 2British

    (hospital department)
    urgencias feminine
    he was rushed to casualty lo llevaron a toda prisa a urgencias
    • casualty ward sala de urgencias
    • Two of the casualties became badly trapped and fire fighters had to use special cutting equipment to free the injured.
    • World War I saw a civilian casualty rate of about 15 per cent (of total casualties).
    • But casualties involving goods vehicles totalled 97 last year - the highest casualty figure recorded in the Bradford district.
    • In one case, a patient was sent away from casualty, complaining of stomach pain, without a proper examination and told to see his GP if the symptoms persisted.
    • Police said the casualty figures would have been much higher if they had not acted on the phone warning.
    • I got another insight into how hard nurses work from witnessing the transfer of a patient from casualty to a hospital in Dublin.
    • Road casualty figures just released, show that overall, road deaths are the lowest they have ever been since records began in 1926.
    • John thought it was just a particularly bad headache, but when he went to work the next morning his colleagues sent him straight to casualty at Royal Oldham Hospital.
    • Then the news started pouring in: four bombed trains, dozens of casualties, hundreds of injured.
    • Police resorted to firing and one of the casualties was killed in police firing. 15 persons have been arrested.
    • She was treated in casualty and she returned home.
    • And as we get more and faster trains on to the rails we can expect more deaths, so the casualty figures coldly used in cost benefit studies are all going to be out of date anyway.
    • The difficulty in tracking casualties is that the injured, wounded, and sick may be treated in any number of facilities.
    • What are our total casualty figures and how many more casualties are we willing to endure?
    • The final death and casualty figures for this catastrophe will never be certain, and are so large as to be difficult to comprehend anyway.
    • Swindon's roads have never been safer according to the latest casualty figures.
    • We've arrived here and the casualty figures have risen enormously.
    • The police and hospital link-up is thought to be the first in the country, and will see cameras in casualty and the hospital's car park wired to the police station.
    • In reality these civilians are no less casualties of war than if they were killed on the day the bombing began.
    • You had heard the news, you heard the casualty figures, and now you saw the trauma that the people went through.
    • In the second case, a music teacher had to go to casualty in two separate hospitals on Christmas Day and Boxing Day 1993 after developing problems with his dressing.
    • Another complicating factor is whether or not psychiatric cases are included in the casualty figures.
    • The crackdown on long waits has been dogged by allegations that ambulance staff are deliberately delaying taking patients into casualty until the hospital is ready for them.
    • Center court was now a mass casualty scene, with injured personnel streaming out of Corridors 3 and 4 and wounded lying everywhere.
    • She was taken by ambulance to casualty at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, after she lost consciousness at home at about 7pm.
    • Road casualty figures for 2003 show that serious accidents fell by 15 to 82 compared to the previous year.
    • Treating seriously injured casualties in extreme cold weather conditions is very difficult.
    • Regardless of this, the casualty figures for the Black Death were massive.
    • He was admitted to casualty in the Mater hospital but released shortly afterwards.