Translation of catch in Spanish:


agarrar, v.

Pronunciation: /kætʃ//kɛtʃ//katʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      coger Spain
      he caught her by the arm/wrist la cogió del brazo/de la muñeca Spain
      • Lavan chases after Yaakov and upon catching him accuses Yaakov of stealing his Terafim.
      • He says the people of Poland must work hard because they have a struggle ahead to catch the other countries of the West.
      • A childish glee overtook her, and she put out her tongue to catch the falling rain drops.
      • The guard dropped his rifle to catch the incoming equipment.
      • There was almost an element of teasing the pursuing Gary Smith, for the centre-half came close to catching the fleet-footed striker.
      • His head was tilted back, his hands splayed out as if to catch drops from a leaking firmament.
      • She snatched up her shirt and boombox, rubbing the back of her hand over her forehead, catching the sweat drops before they fell.
      • Nearing Poer Head, Conor and Denise Phelan in Endeavour managed to catch them but could not pass clear ahead.
      • She spins around like a little girl with her tongue sticking out to catch the drops.
      • Cyrus had to react quickly with the napkin to catch the drop of spaghetti sauce that had fallen from his lips.
      • Try as Emilion might, he could not teach me to throw and catch the pesky things properly.
      • Brooke hurried over, and made it in time to slip a paper towel under his nose to catch the first few drops of blood.
      • He was unable to catch the Briton ahead of him.
      • He jumped up, just barely catching the baseball thrown by his father.
      • He caught them with little effort, looked at them, and then smiled wide showing plenty of teeth.
      • At Christmas, there is a store that gives away the unsold Christmas trees to anyone who can catch one when thrown in the air by the owner.
      • Her tongue darted out faster than humanly possible, catching a drop on the tip.
      • I headed to the Myers house; I wasn't fast enough to catch Theo before he headed inside so I knocked on the door.
      • It's a conditioned reflex learnt in the pubs of south Wales, where he'd catch beer bottles thrown at him by angry boyfriends and disarm them with a grin and a glug.
      • The winner, ridden by Chris McCarron, caught the Irish horse in the run in and came out in front.
      • He tossed both knives into the air and caught them before dropping into a crouch like his brother.
      • Two people went up each tree while the third person ran around below with the backpack, trying to catch the fruit they dropped down.
      • Every time there's even a semblance of running water, we put something under the faucet to catch the precious drops.
      • Waking up from its slumber in cool waters, it sluggishly walks around, often opening its mouth to catch the banana thrown by the woman walking along with her.
      • Cover the ground with canvas drop cloths to catch the paint chips.
      • Spread newspaper everywhere to catch the drops and make sure your room is well-ventilated.
      • You don't want them looking at the table and thinking: Chelsea are too far ahead for us to catch them.
      • He quickly dropped the knife and caught the blood in his palm before it could drip onto the coverlet.
      • Could I run out to the fields and tell the boys fast enough for them to catch Hector before he reached town?
      • There were always pots across one wall of her sitting room to catch the drops.
      • Her hopes of a medal were effectively dashed when she made slight contact with a barrier and used her final efforts trying to catch the bronze-medal group.
      • However, once he got to third, Harvey and Templeman were just too far ahead for Westbrook to catch them.

    • 1.2(capture, trap)

      (mouse/lion) atrapar
      (mouse/lion) coger Spain
      (fish) pescar
      (fish) coger Spain
      catch me if you can! ¡a que no me agarras!
      • he got caught lo cogieron
      • she got caught (se) quedó embarazada
      • Anybody can get lucky and catch a single fish that's worth a prize.
      • Very few city dwellers are willing to go to the trouble of catching a wild cat, which is a dangerous exercise anyway.
      • It always seemed to me that it was pretty rare for the hunt actually to catch a fox.
      • Nowadays, with cats getting fed so well by their owners, they don't bother about catching mice for food, they use them as playthings, along with birds and other harmless creatures.
      • The Welsh terrier is a rough-coated animal with droopy ears, originally bred in Wales to catch rats, mice and other vermin.
      • The hunt, which was out for about four hours, did not catch a fox.
      • The easiest time of the year to catch rabbit is winter.
      • The soldiers said they caught several species of fish including carp and a large catfish.
      • So far it had caught four mice, which he was certain were all different ones, rather than being the same one returning each time.
      • When the rabbit season comes, we hunt and catch a few rabbits.
      • Traps of this kind, which are designed to catch foxes and rabbits, have been outlawed since 1954 when the Pest Act came into force.
      • ‘No they are catching them and throwing them back into the water,’ I explained.
      • Government workers tried to catch the creature by laying cages and shooting it with tranquilliser darts, but they failed.
      • If you catch them you should throw them back in, or at very least agree not to take the three points.
      • The culprit was quickly caught and thrown into a maximum security holding cell.
      • We arrived back at the Inn late that afternoon without having caught a single fish.
      • They feed cattle, dogs and cats because those animals are useful in daily life - cattle work in the fields, dogs protect the home and cats catch mice.
      • If the fox is caught, it is killed extremely quickly by the lead hound, which has a weight of five times that of the fox.
      • We never made any secret of the fact that we used dogs to catch rabbits.
      • It was the fourth largest rainbow trout caught at the venue since 1979.

  • 2

    • 2.1(take by surprise)

      coger Spain
      pillar informal
      pescar informal
      to catch sb in the act agarrar (/ coger etc. ) a algn infraganti / con las manos en la masa
      • she caught him reading her mail lo pilló leyendo sus cartas
      • (you won't) catch me going there again! ¡a mí no me vuelven a ver el pelo por ahí!
      • you won't catch me falling for that one! pierde cuidado, que esa yo no me la trago
      • you won't catch her in on a Saturday night un sábado por la noche no la pillas / pescas en casa
      • we got caught in the rain nos pescó la lluvia
      • Do not be taken by surprise if you are caught for speeding or riding without helmets this week.
      • For the second week in a row a top Irish jockey was caught dropping his hands on a winning placed horse.
      • But the exercise continues as the police do not want to be caught napping.
      • To their surprise they caught him with a soldier on Hampstead Heath.
      • She was caught by our photographer dropping bags of bread for the birds near the town bridge.
      • The individual was sentenced to six years in jail in July 2003 after being caught with a haul of heroin.
      • Muscat was once caught naughtily propelling a clump of mud in the direction of an opponent stepping up to take a penalty.
      • Flushing a bit upon catching herself staring at him, Meira lowered her head quickly so as not to be noticed.
      • Funnily enough, I was almost caught in a compromising situation earlier by one of the engineers.
      • But as Alex began to unbutton his pants, she quickly turned her head, afraid he would catch her looking.
      • The fact is that it is ineffective in cases of proven crime and criminals who have been caught red-handed.
      • Police must be on top at all times and not caught napping when criminals strike.
      • An under-age driver caught at the wheel of a car has been warned that he could be locked up if he drives again within a year.
      • In August 2001 he was caught at the wheel of his car while more than three times over the legal limit.
      • He repressed an urge to call for help, realizing how it would look if anyone caught him in this situation.
      • He spends all of his waking hours hatching schemes to catch the thief red-handed.
      • My last stepfather, upon catching me acting out the putrid stories, declared me crazy.
      • But Frank returns unexpectedly and catches the two together in a confrontation that will change everyone's lives.
      • But boy were we wrong when we caught him last night in a hot new nightclub in town getting down and dirty.
      • Unless we catch them throwing a bottle or dropping litter all we can do is ask them to leave.

    • 2.2(intercept)

      (person) alcanzar
      run and catch him corre a ver si lo alcanzas
      • catch you later nos vemos
      • to catch sb with his pants / trousers down agarrar a algn desprevenido

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (take) tomar
      (take) coger Spain
      (be in time for) alcanzar
      I only just caught it por poco lo pierdo
      • It is not as if you can catch a bus or train, or hail a cab to go anywhere.
      • They stayed overnight in London and the next day caught another train to Brighton for their week-long honeymoon.
      • I alighted from the train at Huddersfield and caught a bus to New Mill.
      • I only just catch my train, quickly jump on the first carriage, and bury myself in my morning paper.
      • They were then taken to buy visas and had to reach Cancun to catch a flight to Cuba.
      • Back in London he caught a train from King's Cross to York.
      • I caught the train and it was really nice to just sit back and read.
      • I slept another night and caught the train the next morning.
      • Mr North now has to catch a bus and a train to get to work which takes him two hours.
      • At the end of that week, Pip drops Herbert off to catch his ship to Cairo.
      • Police also want to speak to three men who caught a train about 8.40 pm and were overheard talking about the incident.
      • The group stayed on that boat for several hours, then unexpectedly disembarked and caught a later boat.
      • Your mother and I caught a bus from the airport last time.
      • The next morning I caught a bus to east Leeds and walked about.
      • I caught the train to Slovenia with a local, who was happy to tell me a bit about the country and help me master a few language basics.
      • Passengers would be able to spend time in the city before booking in and catching a new secure rail service to their flight.
      • One couple from Malton said they could catch the train from home and that the bus simply did not offer enough comfort.
      • The pair fled in a taxi to Hull, where they caught the first train to Manchester and later went to London where they were finally arrested.
      • Older people don't all have cars and must cross the road to catch the bus.
      • Then I had to catch a bus, then a train, and walk quite a way to the house.

    • 3.2(manage to see, hear)

      there's a movie I'd like to catch hay una película que no me quiero perder
      • we'll just catch the end of the game todavía podemos pescar el final del partido
      • we could catch a movie before dinner podríamos ir al cine antes de cenar

  • 4

    (entangle, trap)
    I caught my skirt on a nail se me enganchó la falda en un clavo
    • I caught my finger in the drawer me agarré el dedo en el cajón
    • I got caught in a traffic jam me agarró un atasco
    • these people are caught in a cycle of poverty esta gente está atrapada en un círculo de pobreza
  • 5

    • 5.1(attract, arrest)

      try to catch his attention trata de atraer su atención
      • the dress caught her fancy se encaprichó con el vestido
      • the concept caught the imagination of the young el concepto estimuló la imaginación de los jóvenes

    • 5.2(apprehend)

      did you catch what she said? ¿oíste / entendiste lo que dijo?
      • I didn't catch the name no entendí / capté el nombre
      • I don't quite catch your meaning no acabo de entender / de captar lo que quieres decir
      • he caught the look in her eye le leyó la mirada
      • I caught the aroma of fresh coffee me llegó el aroma de café recién hecho

    • 5.3

      (spirit/likeness/mood) captar
      (mood/likeness/spirit) reflejar
      • He explores the space, catches its relationship and represents it in various forms.
      • His mastery was in describing exciting events and in catching the flavor of the moment.
      • It really catches the feel of Dave's work.

  • 6

    (become infected with)
    contagiarse de
    contraer formal
    he caught the disease se contagió de la enfermedad
    • to catch a cold agarrarse un resfrío
    • I caught (the) measles from him me pegó el sarampión
    • he's caught that habit from his girlfriend esa costumbre se le ha pegado de su novia
    • I caught his enthusiasm me contagió su entusiasmo
  • 7

    he caught his head on the beam se dio en la cabeza con la viga
    • she caught him a blow on the chin le dio / pegó un golpe en la barbilla
    • to catch it /catch hell
    • you'll really catch it from Dad if he sees you! ¡si papá te ve, te mata!
    • he really caught it / caught hell! le cayó una de padre y señor mío
  • 8

    • 8.1(hold back)

      he caught his breath in surprise se le cortó la respiración de sorpresa

    • 8.2(restrain)

      to catch oneself contenerse

intransitive verb

  • 1

    coger Spain
    cachar Mexico
    here, catch! ¡toma, coge! Spain
  • 2

    (bite, take hold)
    (screw/cog) agarrar
    (mechanism) engranar
    his voice caught and he was unable to carry on se le hizo un nudo en la garganta y no pudo continuar
  • 3

    (become hooked)
    atorarse Mexico
    pescarse Chile
  • 4

    (fire/coal) prender
    (fire/coal) agarrar Latin America


  • 1

  • 2

    atrapada feminine
    parada feminine
    atajada feminine Southern Cone
  • 3

    (sth, sb caught)
    he's/she's a good catch es un buen partido
    • it is a prize catch for the party es una inestimable adquisición para el partido
  • 4

    (of fish)
    pesca feminine
  • 5

    (fastening device)
    (on door) pestillo masculine
    (on door) pasador masculine Latin America
    (on window, box, necklace) cierre masculine
  • 6

    (hidden drawback)
    trampa feminine
    what's the catch? ¿cúal es la trampa / el truco?
    • I knew there'd be a catch in / to it somewhere ya sabía yo que tenía que haber gato encerrado
    • there's no catch no hay ninguna trampa / ningún truco
    • it's a Catch-22 situation es una situación sin salida
  • 7

    (in voice)
    temblor masculine
    with a catch in her voice con la voz entrecortada / temblorosa