Translation of catchy in Spanish:


pegadizo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkætʃi//ˈkɛtʃi//ˈkatʃi/

adjectivecatchiest, catchier

  • 1

    pegajoso River Plate Latin America
    • Ted uses lots of catchy songs, puzzles and word games to help the children have fun and learn while watching.
    • They know how to sit down, put their words to a tune, and craft it into a catchy song.
    • However, every track is a gem of poetry and the tunes are disarmingly catchy.
    • When it comes to soundtracks, all a film needs is a couple catchy tunes to hook the record buyer.
    • I walk out of movies and plays, and I never accept invitations to operas that have no catchy tunes in them.
    • Besides, it was a catchy tune, and the people didn't have to know what it meant in order to enjoy it.
    • A song with a catchy tune and outstanding lyrics might do a lot to fill the cinema theatres.
    • Losing All Control is the only hint of a darker edge, but even then they can't resist a catchy chorus.
    • They've shown that there is more to advertising than a catchy slogan and a memorable logo.
    • As with any expectant new band, one of the first decisions that had to be made was to choose a catchy name.
    • Then The Smiths came on Top of the Pops with an odd, catchy tune called This Charming Man.
    • In this case, the Strokes return the favour by turning in some tuneful, varied and above all catchy songs.
    • On Painkiller, Griffin's soft falsetto floats above a catchy chorus and sweet pop melody.
    • All this takes place on a beautiful set that shimmers like an icicle, and includes catchy songs by Tim Hans Smith.
    • It mixes innocent fun with catchy songs, an eye-catching setting and easy things for the audience to do.
    • Cole Porter's brilliantly catchy songs sound as good today as they ever did.
    • While the vocalists have an ear for a catchy turn of phrase, there isn't much substance to back it up.
    • It is a very catchy tune and is getting a lot of airplay on the local radio stations.
    • They've come up with all manner of catchy slogans designed to tip the scales in their favour.
    • There are a few catchy tunes for the kids to sing along with, but even these seem to be too few and far between.