Translation of cater in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkeɪtə//ˈkeɪdər/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    encargarse del servicio de comida y bebida para fiestas, cafeterías etc
    • After all, her parents had been in the hotel trade and she had grown up in catering.
    • Local produce features strongly in the menu of the food hall, which caters primarily for locals although that's not to say that it doesn't attract a steady stream of visitors in the summer months.
    • It has been a lifelong ambition to work in catering, yet over the years I stayed within the care sector as it suited my lifestyle.
    • Inside I found a free CD, a room full of wine-sipping spectators, a soundboard ready for play, and a selection of Indian foods catered by a local restaurant.
    • Twenty-one years ago White catered events to make extra money during school breaks from the University of Colorado, where she majored in journalism.
    • Obviously, you'll only be able to invite a select number of guests but at least you won't have to worry about catering.
    • Approximately 150 people attended the event, which featured a meal catered by Margaret Trusty Catering.
    • Thanks to all those factors, fewer people are throwing lavish catered events or dining out at all.
    • The restaurant Nikolas hired to cater the dinner did a wonderful job.
    • In Britain the estimate is 9 billion kilos of food is wasted after catered meals and all of it is dumped.
    • Upon hearing news of the Queen's visit, Chartwells Catering Services - which serves Sheridan College as well as St. Jerome's University - chose six of the best chefs in its employ to cater the event.
    • Green caters local parties and sells her cooking at festivals, including the Taste of Chicago and Chicago Bulls Blues Festival.
    • Gillian first worked in hotel catering, then ran the Spotted Cow in Malton for seven years.
    • Her new career is in catering, a far cry from the committee rooms and party politicking at City Hall in Bradford.
    • All enjoyed a meal catered by Prater's Barbeque and musical entertainment provided by the bluegrass and gospel group, the Buck Mountain Boys.
    • Dinner tickets are 5,000 and include a fabulous meal catered by Chouwa, and a chance to win some great raffle prizes.
    • Some of the people who take part will be able to earn certificates in food hygiene, catering, first aid and firefighting.
    • The Thornhill Arms was one of the first pubs in Huddersfield are to provide catering at the time.
    • The whole party is being catered and the twenty-something woman making drinks tells me she ran out of tonic an hour ago.
    • It's a fun job - one that requires no auditions or memorizing of lines; meals are catered and overtime pay is common.
    • Staff catered the meals, and everyone helped with noncooking chores.
    • He hopes to run his own cafe one day or to enter employment in catering.
    • She works hard at two jobs, one in catering, the other in a nightclub, so when she has a night off she likes to let her hair down.
    • The solution was to make the lecture a more festive affair and include catered food and door prizes.
    • They provided catering and a television so people wouldn't miss the AFL Grand Final.
    • Manzo said the meals were catered lunches or dinners for the caucus on days when the Legislature was in session.
    • It is not necessary to provide catering as many visitors prefer to self cater or to partake of local cuisine.
    • The contract for catering at the museum runs out on Monday and Swindon Services will not be renewing it.
    • I'd grown up in an India where vegetarianism was a mainstream option, where every hotel buffet or catered dinner had ‘veg’ and ‘non-veg’ tables to graze at.
    • I've always thought that women are better at catering and dealing with food.
    • Links would be built between local food and tourism to maximise the use of local produce in catering and through retail outlets.
    • The jazz club also will be used as an additional room for meetings and special catered events.
    • Many of the people selling us food - in retail and in catering - are real enthusiasts.
    • The meal was catered very capably by the staff of the Downtown Hotel.
    • They said they had made a lot of arrangements to prepare submissions, organise time off for the presenters and prepare the conference room for the meeting, as well as to cater breakfast and lunch.
    • We often cater at local events, specialising in Indian foods and make a sauce which is so popular that we have been asked time and time again about the possibility of buying it in the shops.
    • Cath has responsibility for eight function rooms at the Pier complex and also caters at Wigan council and Wigan Culture and Leisure Trust venues across the town.
    • I'm in the catering business - among other things - and I will be most glad to cater your dinner or lunch or whatever.
    • The talented chef, who says the crash cost him his job and marriage, said he still had aspirations to pursue a career in catering.
    • All her previous jobs have been in catering and she was once head chef at St Gemma's Hospice in Moortown, Leeds.

transitive verb


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    (wedding/banquet/party) encargarse del buffet de
    [ S ]we cater your party buffets a domicilio