Translation of catwalk in Spanish:


pasarela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkætˌwɔk//ˈkatwɔːk/


  • 1

    (for models, on scaffolding) pasarela feminine
    (in theater) puente de trabajo masculine
    (in theater) paso de gatos masculine Mexico
    • Tall and willowy models swaggered down the catwalk, illuminated by a constant barrage of hundreds of camera flashes.
    • The assembly hall at the school was packed to the rafters as family, friends and fellow pupils cheered on the models when they took to the catwalk in local fashions.
    • The line snaked back and forth on the catwalk, suspended by no obvious means over rows of slot machines.
    • On the narrow catwalk, I looked ahead and saw my way out.
    • Along with trying to walk down the catwalk gracefully, the models also had to dance in front of the judges.
    • When models paraded down the catwalk in Dior's flamenco-style haute couture in Paris last week, fashion lovers here took notice.
    • Highly decorative fashion and accessory trends dominate the international catwalks from Milan to Paris.
    • Burberry is worn by top models on the catwalks of major fashion shows around the world.
    • The door opened onto a catwalk overlooking the bay, where a sleek, angular, black ship was dominating the hangar.
    • And while all this looked terrifically cool on the models on the catwalk, it is near impossible for normal women like us to wear this and not look sloppy.
    • The best feeling in the world is to see your garments on the top models being displayed on the international catwalks of the world.
    • The team headed over in that direction, and opened the door to find them on a catwalk above the main floor where the oil processing machinery was located.
    • There's a childhood memory here that I want to pursue: a steel catwalk cantilevered off the side of Whitewater Canyon near Glenwood.
    • She turned left and ran down the long metal catwalk, taking everything in.
    • It's got a two-story main floor and two loft-style lounges connected by a suspended catwalk that overlooks the entire club.
    • So the night before, we drove to the midway point of the bridge, where Steve got out, climbed over the fence, and attached his rope to the catwalk on the underside of the bridge.
    • Models took to the catwalk at a fundraising fashion show held at the Chapel nightclub last Friday.
    • While a few attempts are being made to promote ‘bigger’ models on the catwalk, the fashion industry remains dominated by the underweight and stick-thin.
    • Models from the Louise Morton Model Agency of Huddersfield will be on the catwalk for the fashion shows, which take place four times each day in the Skipton Building Society Fashion Pavilion.
    • Church ministers swapped the pulpit for the catwalk yesterday as they modelled the latest clerical designs at the clergy's answer to London Fashion Week.
    • Modelling assignments for the pages of glossy magazines and on the high fashion catwalks followed.
    • David walked the catwalk marveling at the ship's majesty.
    • They walked across the metal catwalk and entered the ship through a small door.
    • On the right was the sight of the glass catwalk, a bridge that was set on the second floor, above the cafeteria.
    • I had my hair and make-up done by professionals, was taught how to walk on a catwalk and got to model three outfits.
    • There's a fashion TV channel and it shows Pakistani models walking down catwalks and Pakistani designers who are as flamboyant as designers anywhere.
    • The fountain promises to be a spectacular light and water show in a plaza, which is spanned by a catwalk bridge.
    • Teen models from a top Manchester school strutted the catwalk to raise £5,000 for Barnardo's and Hope For Children.
    • At the end of the shaft there was a small plate that Jack pushed open before climbing out onto a catwalk.
    • As a fierce rain beats against them, a struggle ensues between father and son, and Vincenzo drops the revolver onto a catwalk running alongside the bridge.
    • The bikini reigned on the Milanese catwalks and was elegantly displayed by the most popular top models in the industry.
    • We even constructed a special catwalk bridge over the pool.
    • Claire, 28, was approached by the company after winning a fashion competition which saw her clothes showcased on the catwalk in Italy.
    • Better yet, go for modelling classes to learn to walk like a model on the catwalk.
    • Its got entrances and exits all over the shop, and since they merged the old Bethseda hospital with it with an intricate network of catwalks and suspended corridors, it has never been the same.
    • The radio room is near the bomb bay and has a door that opens to a catwalk that leads to the pilot's compartment.
    • They followed a catwalk from the gate to the roof and opened a hatch.
    • Most people find these narrow catwalks to be the most frightening part of the tour.
    • We moved along a metal catwalk that stretched across the top of each bin.