Translation of cauldron in Spanish:


caldero, n.

(US caldron)

Pronunciation /ˈkɔldrən//ˈkɔːldr(ə)n//ˈkɒldr(ə)n/


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    caldero masculine
    • They've been flooded with supplies: pies and cakes, bottles of vodka, huge cauldrons of soup.
    • The famous Llyn Fawr hoard, found during reservoir construction in the Mid South Wales Valleys in 1911 and 1913, contained two complete bronze cauldrons.
    • A man with a metal detector unearthed a cauldron thought to date back to 50BC.
    • Standing before her bubbling cauldron, the Crone raised her ancient hands and summoned yet another lower-level demon.
    • A unique aspect of this tomb was that it contained the largest group of fragmentary handmade tripod cauldrons in the Early Iron Age cemetery at Torone.
    • A later warrior grave contained a bronze cauldron and a set of iron weapons.
    • They would mix strange and foul liquids producing gold using caldrons with fake bottoms, or chunks of minerals or charcoal containing small amounts of gold.
    • Curzon sat in his room, absently stirring a cauldron with a long metal spoon.
    • Inside was a fire with a huge iron cauldron on it.
    • Outside burned a fire over which hung an iron cauldron, ready simmering.
    • Mother boiled cauldrons of red sugar water daily and filled a motley collection of feeders which were suspended at various locations around the yard.
    • One of the more remarkable pieces in the collection is a large urali or metal cauldron of over one metre in diameter.
    • The ingredients were placed in a large cauldron and cooked over a slow fire for a whole afternoon until it turned into a pot of delicious soup.
    • I set and lit our fire, and filled our small cauldron with water.
    • A simmering stew sat in a large cauldron over an open fire; the smell alone made Jack's mouth water.
    • A large cauldron or cooking pot set or suspended above an open fire was in general use.
    • On and around them are all sorts of spits, racks, trivets, pans, kettles, cauldrons and hot plates, all fashioned out of black cast iron.
    • In the days ahead we'll take turns stirring steaming cauldrons over the camp fire.
    • A French table is likely to have on it a cauldron of vegetable soup, complete with carrots and chard and tiny pasta shapes such as macaroni.