Translation of caw in Spanish:


graznar, v.

Pronunciation: /kɔ//kɔː/

intransitive verb

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    • Something in the tall trees by the pavilion was cawing raucously.
    • In one funeral scene, not only does the coffin break open to reveal the corpse, but also a black crow begins ominously cawing.
    • Thrushes sing in the green shrubbery; rooks caw in the elms.
    • She looked over to the window and saw a midnight crow sitting on the balcony, cawing arrogantly.
    • They took off, cawing as they flew towards the rising sun.
    • Sometimes when they fly over me they look me in the eye and caw.
    • Rooks caw in the trees, jackdaws nest in their new chimney, sparrows feed on neighbours' tables.
    • A great flock of multicoloured tropical birds burst forth from the depths of the jungle, cawing and squawking as they rose ever higher into the air.
    • The crows are great as harbingers of spring but wear out their welcome quickly by shamelessly eating songbird eggs and cawing endlessly about absolutely nothing on the oaks surrounding my yard.
    • Outside, Lindsay thought he heard a crow cawing.
    • Somewhere a crow caws, and in the far distance those black birds endlessly circle a spot on the western edge of the world.
    • At dawn, just when one has forgotten about him for a minute and dozed off, a crow caws loudly.
    • The crow landed on her shoulder and cawed again.
    • It's like having a crow caw constantly in your ear at noon every weekday, and then suddenly being told that it's going to be replaced with something else.
    • On one of the lightning rods, a crow sits and caws.
    • The bell has tolled, the crow has cawed in ominous overtones, there's been a dark and stormy night, and now finally we know the results of the election.
    • A raven cawed as the light began to fade and the wind partially subsided.
    • Branches against the window creak and caw in the wind like birds.
    • But it's also a rustic idyll - an extensively renovated old style estate cottage in the middle of a copse of tall tree where rooks caw incessantly in the Spring sunshine.
    • A giant parrot flies up and lands on my shoulder and caws because he hasn't learned to talk yet.


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    graznido masculine