Translation of ceiling in Spanish:


techo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsilɪŋ//ˈsiːlɪŋ/


  • 1

    techo masculine
    cielo raso masculine
    • The traditional Scottish tower house has flagstone floors and a vaulted ceiling in the dining room.
    • And carefully consider each step before you begin ripping into wall and basement ceilings to make room for that second set of pipes.
    • It was the only one with a bathroom - a brand new one, all pink - which occupied one third of a cottage with minute rooms, low ceilings, dirt floors, and no windows.
    • He restored the brickwork, plastering, floors and ceilings room by room.
    • Set in what looks like a vast wine cellar, the walls and ceilings of the main room are exposed brick, as is the private back room space that holds up to 140 people.
    • Do not step through attic floor joists onto the ceiling of the room below.
    • Both of these rooms have floor to ceiling picture windows as well as garden access.
    • Check the level of insulation in your exterior and basement walls, ceilings, attic, floors, and crawl spaces.
    • The interconnecting family room has a pine-panelled ceiling, double Velux windows and an Italian tiled floor.
    • The rooms, with high ceilings and parquet floors, have been furnished with flair by the owner, Otto Wiesenthal, and are hung with contemporary art from his private collection.
    • It took on a vaguely human outline and grew until it filled the room ceiling to floor.
    • Hard landscape materials are the walls, floors and ceilings of our outdoor rooms.
    • The walls, floors and ceilings of the classrooms in the school have been painted with pictures either made by pupils or local artists.
    • All surfaces including walls, windows, ceilings, floors and ceramics should be tested.
    • Some people are filled with a sense of freedom and openness when they walk into a large, near-empty room with a high ceiling, high windows and plenty of light.
    • The airy rooms had high ceilings; windows and doors opened onto shady verandahs.
    • Since then the bedroom ceiling has collapsed into the room and the bathroom ceiling is coming down on me as well.
    • The side-mounted styles are handy for rooms with low ceilings or limited floor space.
    • Finally, the attic conversion has added two further rooms with walls and ceilings panelled in white deal.
    • Since it is on the first floor there are high ceilings and the sitting room has elegant, full-length windows overlooking the square.
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    (upper limit)
    límite masculine
    tope masculine
    wage ceiling tope salarial masculine
    • to set / put a ceiling on sth poner un límite / tope a algo
    • before noun ceiling fan ventilador de techo
    • ceiling price precio tope / límite
    • Other alternatives proposed to the government include setting up a ceiling price on imported rice and applying a special customs inspection, he said.
    • The doctors began an indefinite strike against CPS's plans to impose a ceiling on the yearly level of reimbursed care.
    • Also, strict wage ceilings were maintained on public enterprises.
    • The development of an economically viable way to extract oil from oil shale would put a ceiling on oil prices and would extend the oil era by decades.
    • The bill does not propose to impose a ceiling on the level of interest rates that can be charged by loan companies, which some organisations feel is a mistake.
    • Government sets price ceilings and floors, dictates wages through laws and labor courts, and confiscates profits.
    • Annual price rises would be limited to a ceiling determined by the government in line with inflation and exchange rate considerations.
    • A number of miles passed under the nose as the aircraft brushed the bottom of the weather ceiling.
    • It's another economic certainty: price ceilings cause a shortage of sellers.
    • Efforts are underway for establishing a price ceiling in this industry.
    • The new aircraft will also allow pilots to increase their flying hours from 150 to 200 because of the aircraft's higher operating ceiling.
    • The commission criticised poor financial management, breaches in employment ceilings and unauthorised expenditure in the health system.
    • Fares on some routes would leap to their price ceiling, or 25 per cent above the reference price.
    • Soon, the ceiling on poll expenditure was increased with necessary amendments to the law.
    • There is no natural ceiling to limit the price of market water.
    • The maximum cruise speed of the aircraft is 500 km per hour and the altitude ceiling 9,500 m.
    • The only problem is that placing a ceiling on wages, although it makes business sense, means United will continue to lag behind Spain and Italy when it comes to paying players.
    • But the ceiling on prices does not necessarily mean a crash is inevitable.
    • One of the main problems is that Ofcom can only introduce price ceilings for BT because it is the dominant telecoms provider.
    • But many analysts agree that the new price ceilings won't limit the ability of most power companies to make a profit in the region.
    • This had super-charged engines and had a flying ceiling of 30,000 feet - in excess of what the Douglas could do.
    • The 1820s still suffered agricultural depression despite a high ceiling for corn prices in years of poor harvests.
    • By accepting the ceiling on total expenditures, the European Parliament would gain credibility with governments and the electorate.
    • Hill insisted the England squad would strike if the £20 wage ceiling was not lifted.
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    techo masculine
    • The pilot of a single-engine Piper Cherokee flew in marginal VFR conditions when the ceiling suddenly dropped.
    • Unfortunately the dragons can't climb above the cloud ceiling so the five travelers are stuck in the horrid weather.
    • Observations were not made in rain, snow, or fog, or when the cloud ceiling was less than 100 m AGL.
    • North Island Metro said the ceiling wasn't forecast to go any lower than 2,000 feet, with a slim chance of rain in the vicinity.
    • The weather was VFR, with visibility at 25 miles and a broken ceiling at 20,000 feet.
    • All the clouds were below 20,000 feet, with broken ceilings and embedded thunderstorms.
    • The weather ceiling was broken from 1,000 to 3,000 feet and layered above 10,000 feet.
    • Although we had low ceilings and snowfall during our stay, the morning of our departure dawned with only scattered clouds at 25,000 feet.
    • Weather called for low ceilings and light precipitation throughout the morning, so we discussed a backup plan.
    • On the day of the flight, the weather was typical Pacific Northwest: low ceilings, rainy and cool.
    • The forecast called for low ceilings and heavy showers, and for once, the weather-guessers were correct.
    • The cloud ceiling was about 9,000 feet, with a temperature of 62 degrees.
    • A call to the forecasters confirmed weather around the ship was 250-foot ceilings and half-mile visibility.