Translation of celebrated in Spanish:


célebre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛlɪbreɪtɪd//ˈsɛləˌbreɪdəd/


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    • The scene of his conversion is vividly described in his Confessions, which contains a celebrated account of his early life.
    • He lost a celebrated censorship case that was ruled on by the Supreme Court.
    • Whenever his celebrated opera performances leave him time, Heppner tries to fit in a recital.
    • Cecil Hepworth was born on 19 March 1874 in Lambeth, South London, the son of celebrated magic lantern showman T.C. Hepworth.
    • The last point is illustrated by some of the most celebrated library architecture.
    • In the celebrated sculptures, too, the space around the figure became a vital part of the work.
    • Descartes prime example of a self-evident truth was that contained in the celebrated cogito: I think, therefore I am.
    • The old woman is delighted by the safeguard of the inheritance of her uncle, the celebrated painter Paul Berthier.
    • A celebrated playwright of South Africa, Athol Fugard began his career in a courtroom.
    • The allegation against the celebrated cricketer of yesteryear is no doubt one of committing a blatant criminal offence.
    • But in the celebrated doctrine there is place for natural pleasure.
    • No, she is not a celebrated artist.
    • To these instances of artists I will add others of celebrated authors.
    • To help achieve ratification, he penned twenty-nine of the celebrated Federalist Papers.
    • But seldom has such a celebrated political project seen so little tangible circulation.
    • Mural mosaics are another part of Yan's celebrated works.
    • Of course, not all rich kids attain a place at these two celebrated seats of learning.
    • The musicians rarely appear outside of the capital where they can be found on a Tuesday night at the celebrated International Bar.
    • The celebrated gender gap is, in truth, largely a marriage gap among women.
    • Verrio, a celebrated Italian artist is also responsible for the magnificent murals that adorn the King's Staircase.