Translation of celestial in Spanish:


celeste, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪˈlɛstɪəl//səˈlɛstʃəl/


  • 1

    (body/equator) celeste
    • Comets are very interesting celestial objects.
    • She also wrote books on astronomy, compiled tables of positions of celestial bodies and designed several scientific instruments.
    • Last night the blood orange moon hung low in the sky, as if some celestial giant had impressed his dirty thumbprint into the heavens themselves.
    • Fundamentally, a satellite in orbit moves in an elliptical path created by the gravitational force of a celestial body such as a planet.
    • For six hours, Venus casts its shadow across the solar surface in a celestial display that has astronomers in a tizzy.
    • For it is the duty of an astronomer to record celestial motions through careful observation.
    • Winthrop is often regarded as the first true ‘American astronomer,’ and he made observations of many celestial phenomena.
    • The Earth needed a supply of water for its oceans, and the comets are large celestial icebergs - frozen reservoirs of water orbiting the Sun.
    • This complementary data is also helping astronomers identify the celestial object that is releasing the gamma rays and allow it to be more fully analysed.
    • Often, the two satellites have observed the same celestial object simultaneously, to gain a more complete record of the object's behaviour at gamma ray and X-ray wavelengths.
    • Tycho's awe at astronomers' predictions of celestial events turned to disillusion as his own observational skills developed.
    • In the coming months, astronomy enthusiasts are in for a string of rare celestial events involving the heavenly bodies in the solar system.
    • She contributed to her father's texts on mathematics and astronomy, often compiling tables of the position of celestial bodies.
    • The 1979 Moon Treaty forbids ownership of the natural resources found on the Moon or other celestial bodies.
    • In the case of an object orbiting a planet or other celestial body, where the mass of the object is much less than the mass of the planet, the object will fall towards the planet.
    • Clearly the Maya were astute astronomers capable of predicting celestial events and keeping records of solar eclipses and other events.
    • Put simply, the basis of celestial circles, astronomical events and planetary motion can't be conveyed by words, they have to be demonstrated through diagrams.
    • Although there is no air in space, energy is carried by radiation, usually coming from the Sun, that causes heating when it is absorbed by spacecraft, planets or other celestial bodies.
    • Page 28 of the Codex Borgia is, in effect, one page in an almanac produced by astronomer-calculators to suit a particular time and place of celestial observation.
    • Galileo took the position that all celestial phenomena should be interpreted in terms of terrestrial analogies, against Aristotle's basic postulate of essential differences.
  • 2literary

    (peace/beauty) celestial literary
    • Bunyan sought to keep Christian on the narrow path to the celestial city.
    • There was a second lighter dark patch up there that rivaled the first one and I almost laughed at my odd desperation to see nature's celestial beauty.
    • There are no Gods, no grand plans, no celestial architects, no blissful after-lives and no eternal damnation.
    • Karajan's emphases, apart from making music of celestial beauty, are on the opposite poles of intimacy and grandeur.
    • She draws some truly eloquent sounds from the organ, which though relatively young, is an instrument of incomparable celestial beauty.
    • Great Immortal Huang, or Wong Tai Sin, is a celestial figure like the god of fortune for people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
    • At the same time, Buddhas have the power to manifest themselves in a sublime celestial form in splendid paradises.
    • I think the faculty was more impressed by my adventurous spirit and audacity than my celestial beauty in that performance!
    • The Church used the quest to stimulate fervor for the crusade to refound the celestial city, the New Jerusalem, while secular powers exploited it to forge trade routes to the East.
    • However, it is the gateway to the Tienshan - Heavenly - Mountains and its appropriately celestial scenery at Tianche, Heaven Lake.
    • I think the Garden of Eden now revived by eco-spirituality, has come to represent the once hoped-for celestial paradise.
    • All these flowery metaphors conjure up before readers the celestial couple - Lord Shiva and his divine consort Gauri.
    • It was about a celestial vehicle used by heavenly beings.
    • You can't help but feel blessed to be alive, to be able to witness such celestial beauty.
    • Now here is what is interesting, the worshippers of Mithras strongly believed in a celestial heaven and an infernal hell.
    • The only other painting in the room is Tinteretto's giant picture of paradise, a celestial human traffic jam.
    • The performance was an attempt at reviving the legendary playing of music prior to the celestial wedding of Goddess Meenakshi with Lord Sundareswarar.
    • We also maintain there is no conclusive evidence that Polynesians considered the first European visitors to be divine or celestial beings.
    • At the same time, Rahu is made immortal by his having tasted the celestial drink, Soma.
    • One day, Hou Yi ran across the Empress of Heaven, Wangmu, and asked her for a parcel of elixir that could allow him to ascend immediately to the heavens and become a celestial being.
    • They look towards the great republic as if it were a celestial city, a fortress and arsenal of the cause.
    • Although the name signifies the music of celestial beings, Yakshagana is an amalgam of the ‘sky with the earth.’
    • The Lady had indeed a celestial beauty, but also carried a strong, fierce independence that also made her beautiful.
    • The Persian's celestial beauty must be maintained with the earthly toil of combing and brushing on an almost daily basis.
    • He just watched her, like a statue of celestial beauty, while he licked his lips and the snow fell and collected in his hair.
    • Rosand's soaring arc of sound and pristine, classical phrasing made the celestial beauty of this heavenly music soar.
    • So he is not, like Frankenstein, defying the gods but reaching out for a taste of the celestial heaven and therefore deserving to be honored as the best among men.
    • One picture in that book, of a joyous naked child arching through the sky in front of a celestial city, remains my earliest image of heaven.
    • Even the elaborate stone statues, basins, murals, tapestries, and miscellaneous decorations seemed to exhibit a celestial beauty.
    • I see them also as my joys invaluable, divine, and celestial.
    • They were seen as politically conservative, concentrating on ‘things celestial and heavenly’.
    • Christine in turn believes the Phantom to be the stern ‘Angel of Music’ who became her celestial guardian after the death of her father.