Translation of centenarian in Spanish:


centenario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛntɪˈnɛːrɪən//ˌsɛntnˈɛriən/


  • 1

    centenario masculine
    centenaria feminine
    • The Queen is being given extra government funding from tomorrow to meet the sharply-rising cost of congratulating thousands of centenarians each year.
    • For instance, scientists have found that centenarians tend to have a lower complement of the gene coding for apolipoprotein E4, a substance associated with Alzheimer's disease.
    • Violet, of King's Road, Westcliff, will attend a party organised by David Amess, MP for Southend West, at which the town's centenarians will celebrate together in an attempt to set a world record.
    • Of the 319 centenarians, 83 were born in the 19th century.
    • The remarkable double act of two centenarians in one family was achieved by Phyllis Powell and her sister, 103-year-old Gladys Glyde.
    • There are three centenarians who reside at the Golden Years Home.
    • The median age of the veterans is 77.5 for men and 79.2 for women, and there are 1,000 who are centenarians.
    • They have set up a company that studies centenarians to see if the genetic secret to living a long and healthy life may result in drugs that can prevent the diseases of ageing, such as Alzheimer's and heart disease.
    • North Yorkshire centenarians today congratulated the Queen Mother on becoming a member of their distinguished club.
    • A bound copy of the Laois County Council's Centenary Book was also presented to the centenarians and babies.
    • The number of centenarians has fallen to 187 in 2001 out of Bulgaria's population of eight million, or less than one in every thousand at the same time as yoghurt consumption has decreased.
    • Of these centenarians, 301 are women and 71 are men.
    • Those two little words formed the basis of an 80-year marriage, or so centenarians Percy and Florence Arrowsmith would have us believe.
    • ABC medical boffin Dr Norman Swan gave a speech at a healthcare conference in Canberra this week that suggests the Queen is going to be a busy woman when it comes to sending out congratulations to centenarians.
    • Kunkel and Perls believe that additional genetic analyses of nonagenarians and centenarians will lead to the identification of a few genes that confer longevity in humans.
    • Written by three experts who drew on the experiences of hundreds of centenarians, The Okinawa Program was published in 2001.
    • Most Americans think of Okinawa for military bases, but it's got the highest concentration of healthy old people in the world and the highest concentration of centenarians, most of them women.
    • Katie Lynch from Fenit and Castlemaine man Dan Keating have joined the rapidly diminishing but elite Kerry band of centenarians and they both marked their special occasions by getting into party mode.
    • Dr Faragher and his colleagues have been searching for clues in people with Werner's syndrome, a disease in which ageing is speeded up by a faulty gene, causing sufferers to die in their forties with the bodies of centenarians.
    • By mid-century there should be more than three million centenarians, one in five people will be over 65-and many of them will have to keep on working for economies to survive.