Translation of chain in Spanish:


cadena, n.

Pronunciation /tʃeɪn//tʃeɪn/


  • 1

    cadena feminine
    she was wearing a gold chain llevaba una cadena de oro
    • the bicycle chain la cadena de la bicicleta
    • to pull the chain jalar la cadena
    • chain of office collar que es atributo de un cargo oficial
    • to be in chains estar encadenado
    • (to make / form) a human chain (hacer / formar) una cadena humana
    • Both she and her mother wear jewelry, earrings; the girl also wears a chain with some gold trinkets, the mother, beads.
    • He wears the outfit of the young man about town, jeans, a colourful t-shirt, shiningly bright white trainers, a thick silver chain round his neck and one on his wrist, but there is a depth, too.
    • He was wearing a grey vest with six silver chains round his neck.
    • She took the pendant and clasped the chain around her neck.
    • The earrings, chains, chokers and necklaces stood out for their designs - elegant but subdued, stylish yet not loud.
    • She was no longer biting her fingernail, but fidgeting with the gold cross on a chain around her neck.
    • When Maradona appears on Dancing With The Stars via satellite on Friday he is wearing two stud earrings, a heavy crucifix on a chain around his neck, jeans and a red T-shirt tight enough to keep no secrets.
    • He approached a car queueing at the drive-through, reached through the window and grabbed a gold chain from round the driver's neck.
    • Sometimes they enjoyed big success, as with the debt restructuring at Signet, the jewellery chain, and Wembley.
    • As in many countries, wealthier men sometimes wear large gold chains around their necks.
    • She leaned away from him and lifted the gold chain from around her neck.
    • Snapping the bracelets on and the chain around my neck, I came to sliding the leather belt around my slender waist only to put the two chains on it.
    • Dressed up in a track suit with a baseball cap, rings on his finger and a silver chain round his neck, the 25 years old explains to the Vacuum how to get most of the brew.
    • At the foot of Mark's pulpit, positioned in the foreground, is an unmistakable self-portrait of Gentile; round his neck hangs the chain presented to him by Mehmed.
    • This example would have been worn on a chain round the neck, proudly displayed like an order or badge of loyalty.
    • He wears a gold chain around a neck that is thick as a thigh.
    • I reached inside my blouse and pulled out a silver chain with a silver ring on it.
    • The lady also shows the girdle of a Franciscan tertiary visible at her knee, an affiliation confirmed by the brown scapular pendant on a gold chain around her neck.
    • Sapphires and jet decorated a chain around his neck, the gems glittering as coldly as his eyes.
    • And she will be wearing Steve's wedding ring on a chain around her neck.
  • 2

    cadena feminine
    a chain of events una concatenación de acontecimientos formal
    • a chain of ideas una serie de ideas encadenadas / eslabonadas
    • atom chain cadena de átomos
    • Crime, like everything else, has causes, some of which are injustices, and the presence of a wrong in the causal chain leading to a crime does not normally constrain state action.
    • The full direction is therefore necessary where ‘… lies constitute an important element in the chain of proof.’
    • It's a chain of successful events strung together to accomplish one goal.
    • Further down the value chain, copper, lead and aluminium were all on the climb.
    • The logical chain leading from recovery from illness to an understanding of the animals' language is similarly opaque.
    • Negligent intervening acts may or may not break the chain of causation.
    • It identified the length of the reporting chains as a factor in why so much intelligence was unreliable.
    • All three of these systems create a movement, and if any portion of the kinetic chain does not work efficiently the movement is compromised, forcing other systems in the body to jump in and help out.
    • The arrival of Ali, her cousin from Iran, sets forth a chain of events, forcing a re-examination of her background and the world around her.
    • Neville's actions set in motion a chain of events that have become depressingly familiar these days.
    • And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the world's longest supply chain.
    • The discovery of an aircraft he claims crashed into the sea after being badly damaged sets in train a shocking chain of events that forces him to confront his own demons from the war.
    • But how could this boy start in motion a chain of events that would elicit such turmoil?
    • The food supply chain is comprised of inputs and outputs, explains Wilson.
    • The Defendant's intention to terminate in any event breaks the chain of causation.
    • And leaving the Waratahs set in motion the chain of events that took him to Ireland.
    • The uncertainty surrounding him would cause a chain of events and interviews, due diligence any team looking to acquire Williams in a trade would insist upon.
    • It wouldn't happen, even though (ex hypothesi) the government decision is part of the causal chain leading to the violence in question.
    • None of the carcasses entered the human food supply chain or were rendered.
    • Nor will there be learning/teaching as occurs in chains of command or chains of functional support.
  • 3

    cadena feminine
    a hotel chain una cadena hotelera / de hoteles
    • For those in a chain, vendors should be aware that the days of the easily obtainable bridging loan are long gone.
    • You'd think I wasn't sitting here, cash (sorta) buyer, no chain.
    • However, some will offer to do so out of goodwill, or if you are seen as a good buyer, for example, because you are not in a chain.
    • I put an offer in on October 10 and we're stuck in a chain and have no idea when it'll be sorted.
    • I am beginning to wonder if you want to sell me a property - I am a cash buyer, I have no chain - what's going on?
    • There's apparently no chain on the other end, so moving in should be as fast as it takes to sort out the paperwork - maybe four to six weeks.
    • Most houses in the UK are sold as links in a chain, where buyers and sellers are all linked together in sequence.
  • 4British

    (in property purchase)
    situación en la cual la venta de una propiedad depende de que el eventual comprador venda la suya o que el vendedor compre otra
  • 5

    (unit of measurement)
    22 yardas o 20,12 metros
    • Regular lots are 30 chains wide and 66.67 chains in depth.
    • The original family home built in 1123 AD is a traditional square Norman castle four chains wide with turrets two chains high at each of the four corners.
    • Shallow streams and intermittent streams without well defined channel or banks are not meandered, even when more than 3 chains wide.
    • Frank Lenthal's winning hit that broke a thirty year record at Elland, West Yorkshire was 13 chains 6 yards and 2 feet.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to chain sth/sb to sth encadenar algo/a algn a algo
    • they were chained to the railings estaban encadenados a las rejas
    • I don't want to be chained to the house all day no quiero estar todo el día metida / encerrada en casa
    • We thought of getting another one and chaining it to a tree or to a cement-locked stake in the ground, but then we realized we were getting a bit too much of an eerie glow in our eyes.
    • Supermarket giants like Tesco began chaining trolleys after finding customers were using them to take their shopping home.
    • I'm confused, what did you morons hope to achieve by chaining yourself to railings and preventing ordinary, decent, working people from going about their business?
    • She mounted a campaign of opposition, chaining herself to the gates in an attempt to highlight the gross injustice.
    • The group, which has already staged road blockades on major routes, has not ruled out deploying tactics such as chaining themselves to railings and lying on roads.
    • On September 3, two protesters held up delegates travelling to the show for 40 minutes by chaining themselves to two trains.
    • All the bikes were chained to each other and to the wall with a padlock.
    • Diane King had even taken the precaution of chaining the baskets to brackets on the outside wall of her house, but the thieves still managed to take them.
    • Graham chained his bike to the bike rack and they met up at the train.
    • Always chain your bike to something other than itself.
    • Once in place, the loadmasters had to chain the heavily armored vehicles securely to the floor.
    • For Brockovich, being an environmentalist is not about chaining oneself to a tree but ‘intercepting deceit.’
    • The iron hooks that prisoners were chained to are still visible on the walls.
    • Home-owner Richard Gavan had thought that chaining his treasured Piaggio Liberty to the pipe under his front window was a foolproof way of keeping it safe.
    • There was nothing we could have done to make this more secure, short of chaining the airplanes to the ground.
    • Peace campaigners today chained themselves to gates at Menwith Hill in an effort to shut down the North Yorkshire spy base.