Translation of chain drive in Spanish:

chain drive

accionamiento por cadena, n.


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    accionamiento por cadena masculine
    • Particularly, it is necessary to supply sufficiently the lubrication oil on a sprocket portion or a chain portion in an OHC engine with a chain drive.
    • The chain drive had not been developed, so the pedals were attached to the front wheel hub (like the penny farthing), and this meant that women had to sit astride a saddle and put their legs well out in front of them.
    • Ransom Eli Olds made his first cars in 1897, and his 1901 Oldsmobile Runabout had a horizontal single-cylinder 1.6-litre engine, two-speed planetary gearbox and chain drive.
    • It was of the ‘buggy without the horse’ type, with wooden wheels, a kerosene engine, chain drive and the usual ‘worm and tiller’ steering.
    • Electric-assist bicycles use four methods to integrate the motor with the vehicle's chain-works: tire drive, chain drive, torque-sensing and hub motor.
    • The Rover safety model, built at Coventry from 1885, had a rear-wheel chain drive and from 1888 pneumatic tyres could be fitted.
    • BMW's four-cylinder, 1200 cc engine and its shaft drive - instead of the normal chain drive - provide plenty of oomph to get up to highway speeds.
    • A chain drive from the motor turns the top pair of sprocketed wheels.
    • The in-wheel design avoids the use of noisy and inefficient gears and belt or chain drives.
    • They also utilize a track system to guide movement, and are powered by a small, 120-volt electric motor that operates a belt or chain drive to raise and lower the car at speeds of about 30 feet per minute.
    • The guard covering the chain drive on the belt had worn out, exposing the mechanism.
    • The new QR25 motor features continuously variable valve timing, a silent chain drive and a balancer system to reduce vibration.
    • Powell inspected a Model T Ford made into a tractor/mower with 12-inch wide steel rear wheels and a chain drive with three-fourths-inch flat metal studs.
    • Options include a diesel-powered motor installed in the trailer like current refrigeration units, bleeding pressurized air from the truck's supercharger, or a simple chain drive to turn air blowers from the trailer's wheels.
    • Then, the chain drive slowly raised the large door.
    • While several rival Japanese V - 6 engines use belt cam drives, GM Powertrain chose chain drives for the new engine family.
    • The important advance in utility if not in efficiency in the Rover was to use chain drive from the pedals to the rear wheel.
    • The engine has a single overhead cam with a compact chain drive and VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system.