Translation of chain wheel in Spanish:

chain wheel

rueda dentada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪn ˌ(h)wil/


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    rueda dentada feminine
    • Advantageously the chain wheel of the double inboard chain conveyor belt comprises two identical chain wheels.
    • The tops of the triangles had cross-bars that engaged the perimeter of the rear chain wheel's flange.
    • The sensor has internal capability to detect both forward and backward movement of the chain wheel thereby allowing the chain count to increase as it is deployed and to decrease as it is retrieved.
    • The power side is under significant tension, because it is actually transferring your pedal power from the front chain wheels to the rear cassette.
    • The tool slides onto 7mm wide chain wheels and works in exactly the same way as the original item.
    • I am looking for a nice, ornate, larger tooth count chain wheel for my deluxe 7 cruiser.
    • The material in our freewheels and chain wheels have been ballistically tested for maximum impact strength.
    • Due to these operational variations, Roto Hammer Industries offers the widest range of chain wheels available today.
    • The chains are connected to the chain wheel by Patent Pending, interlocking steel plates.
    • The ‘topworks’ can thus be lower in profile, even in models which have both a chain wheel and a drum.
    • Replace existing iron gears with steel gears having a greater ratio to accommodate heavier chain wheels and chain.
    • The chain is pulled back by a return spring, mounted on the chain wheel next to the ratchet wheel.
    • The rear wheel is accurately aligned by the adjustment of chain wheel and wheel axle at the same time.