Translation of chair in Spanish:


silla, n.

Pronunciation: /tʃɛː//tʃɛr/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (seat) silla feminine
      (armchair) sillón masculine
      (armchair) butaca feminine Spain
      dentist's chair sillón / silla de dentista
      • sit on/in that chair siéntate en esa silla/ese sillón
      • have / take a chair please siéntese / tome asiento por favor
      • Myra happily drove over, and within ten minutes the two were seated on lounge chairs in his bedroom, listening to a couple of CDs Myra had brought.
      • Unceremoniously, some number of thugs dragged me into an edifice and roughly seated me in a slight wooden chair.
      • He sank into the comfortable swivel chair behind the counter and put his feet up.
      • Sammy sat glumly in the comfy, high-backed chair in her room.
      • Thus, canvas seating furniture was popular, as were caned chairs, sofas, cribs, and beds.
      • We ordered a dining table and four chairs and were given a delivery time of two weeks.
      • I found a mahogany dining table and four chairs in an antique shop on Francis Street.
      • Tapping his fingers impatiently on the chair's armrest, Tom considered his options.
      • His high-backed desk chair was facing away from him.
      • I sat in my comfy swivel chair, contemplating in the dark.
      • She moved away from Gabriel and to the nearest available chair, taking a seat.
      • The three of them sat in the wide wicker chairs on the front porch, watching as the sun set.
      • She led me through the door into a smaller room containing a sofa and chairs with a beautiful desk and bookcase.
      • She wouldn't mind being in charge of a country if she got this kind of chair for her seat…
      • Four navy blue upholstered chairs surrounded a wooden coffee table that had stacks of magazines on top.
      • Cafe tables and chairs face a bench seat below a lowered ceiling that curves for an atmospheric effect.
      • Notice your behavior the next time you and your colleagues sit in a conference room for four hours in straight-back chairs.
      • Cassandra walked around the metallic table and took her seat in Inspector Stone's abandoned chair.
      • He gave me a playful grin and pulled out the chair next to him.
      • There was a lantern on the table providing illumination and the wooden folding chair was in front.

    • 1.2US informal

      silla eléctrica feminine
      he got sent to the chair lo mandaron a la silla eléctrica
      • Next fall and at subsequent fall events, new appointees to named faculty chairs and professorships will be recognized.
      • Forty-nine are college professors, 10 are college department chairs and one has become a university president.
      • After three years in Rome, Beltrami moved to Pavia to take up the chair of mathematical physics there.
      • Dr. Freedman is chair and professor of psychiatry, emeritus at New York Medical College.
      • She is chair and associate professor in the psychology department at Hampton University.
      • From 1939 he occupied the chair of mathematics at Durham, a position he was to hold for 20 years.
      • In 1912 he held the chair of theoretical physics at the German University of Prague.
      • In 1970 James was appointed to the famous chair of Savilian Professor of Geometry.
      • Dr. Krishnan is chair and professor of psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center.
      • He was born in Groningen while his father held the chair of mathematics there.
      • In a room full of students, college professors and department chairs, nervous laughter again followed.
      • He will also hold a new endowed professorial chair in cancer and stem cell biology.
      • By the 1920's the German historical school was on its last legs but still ensconced in the professorial chairs.
      • The Smiths' gift will be used for endowed chairs, professorships and student scholarships.
      • Whittaker accepted the chair of pure mathematics at the University of Liverpool in 1933.
      • Professor Marjorie Merryman is currently the chair of the Music Department.
      • While we are unable to offer a professorial chair we cannot compete on a level playing field with the Universities.
      • Some schools have resorted to filling chairs with professors who hold doctorates in other fields.
      • He did not stay very long in any place and after three years he was back in Graz, this time in the chair of experimental physics.
      • Donors' outright and deferred gifts also have funded 22 new faculty professorships and chairs.

  • 2

    • 2.1(at university)

      cátedra feminine

    • 2.2(in meeting)

      presidencia feminine
      to be in/take the chair presidir
      • comments must be made through the chair los comentarios deben hacerse a través de la presidencia
      • At the start of the meeting chair Alison Sinclair stated there would be a chance for a motion to come from the floor and a vote taken.
      • Not a breath, not hint of the idea that the Republican chair of the meeting was doing the disruption!
      • At the meetings standing committees and their chairs are elected and the deputy mayors are chosen.
      • The Tory college could consist of MPs, grassroots grandees consisting of constituency chairs and council leaders, and finally members.
      • The princess is the chair of the sister organization in the United Kingdom.
      • These manage policies in their areas and provide the chairs for interdepartmental meetings.
      • Members will choose a new chair during the next meeting, scheduled for November 17th.
      • Questions to outline your own agenda or point of view are always appropriate when you are the presenter or the meeting chair.
      • Too often, however, the chair of an academic meeting is determined by status rather than skill.
      • When the Mexican chair of the meeting declared the talks formally closed there were whoops of delight from the African delegates.
      • Penny White, former town mayor and deputy chair of the governors, said everybody involved in the school had worked hard and played their part.
      • A lay chair would oversee the council, while a medical president would preside over the executive board.
      • Now he is back, retaining the party chair but taking charge of an enlarged interior ministry with the rank of deputy prime minister.
      • They changed the chair of the meeting each week so as to prevent anyone having charge of the rebellion.
      • The chair of the meeting had to intervene to say that this debate would be revisited at the next conference and could we get back to the industrial stuff!
      • Deputy chair of Scottish Enterprise, he bangs the drum for business formation, pushing resources into the best growth prospects.
      • ‘Mr Clark was the chair of the meeting and made a joke of this,’ Mr Morgan said.
      • He began the first meeting of task-force chairs.
      • The chair of the Supreme Administrative Court also said that the article should not be amended.
      • There were three chairs, the chief rabbi, the president of Italy and the pope, all on three equal thrones.

    • 2.3(person)

      presidente masculine
      presidenta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (meeting/committee) presidir
  • 2British

    llevar en hombros
    llevar a hombros Spain
    he was chaired from the stadium by his fans sus fans lo sacaron a hombros del estadio Spain