Translation of chalk in Spanish:


creta, n.

Pronunciation: /tʃɔːk//tʃɔk/


  • 1

    creta feminine
    caliza feminine
    to be as different as chalk and cheese ser (como) la noche y el día / (como) el día y la noche
    • before noun chalk soil tierra caliza / calcárea
    • The flora extracted from the underlying Maastrichtian chalks is sparse, but indicative of open marine conditions.
    • Pore-filling cementation is also common during the diagenesis of chalks, resulting in rapid porosity loss.
    • The coccolithophorids range in age from Triassic to Recent, and form a major constituent of Mesozoic and Tertiary chalks.
    • The cited examples are all interpreted as large-scale erosional scour-channels, variously associated with cemented hardgrounds, conglomeratic and nodular chalks, and debris.
    • Recent work on Upper Cretaceous sequence stratigraphy in European basins has demonstrated that chalks provide valuable information on short- and long-term sea-level change.
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    • 2.1(for writing)

      tiza feminine
      gis masculine Mexico
      a piece of chalk una tiza
      • chalk and talk enseñanza tradicional con profesor y pizarra
      • not by a long chalk ni mucho menos
      • she's the best candidate by a long chalk es, con mucho, la mejor candidata
      • Somehow I don't think those plush corporate boxes at Cardiff have a drawing board and chalk.
      • ‘Some used to throw chalk or even the blackboard rubber at you if you wouldn't stop talking,’ she says.
      • Here on planet Earth white chalk on black slate provides plenty of contrast.
      • With white chalk, a recent innovation, he wrote an E on the slate.
      • I turned quickly and grabbed a piece of chalk off the black board on one of the walls.
      • I got up and found a perfect piece of white chalk waiting for me.
      • His presentation drawings, portraits, and character heads, usually made in charcoal or white chalk, were also in wide demand from discerning collectors.
      • ‘Very well,’ said the master, the circle, outlined in white chalk, began to grow darker.
      • Using white chalk, a geometric shape was lightly sketched, filling the paper to achieve balance.
      • He portrays his wife with the lightest of touches, using red chalk, heightened with white in soft, feathery strokes which evince the profound French influence on his art.
      • This exhibition features drawings in mixed media chalk, charcoal and graphite drawings on paper which have evolved from studies of the Achill landscape.
      • Peggy took her place at the window back inside the recovery room and watched as the detectives took their pictures, and outlined the body with white chalk.
      • He took out a white piece of chalk and gave it to Rena.
      • A large Fleur-de-lis is drawn with blue and white chalk on the parking lot.
      • I knew white farmers whose idea of education for black children was a blackboard, a few sticks of chalk and a chair for an untrained teacher.
      • At various times she was told to make the sign of the cross using black or white chalk; if she chose black she would be considered a demon.
      • I walked up to the front of the room, where the chalk board was, and grabbed a piece of white chalk.
      • Madeleine explained the classrooms in St Bede's sister school in Tanzania were very basic with blackboards, chalk and windows without glass.
      • The whole class stopped, their eyes on me, and the teacher turned away from the board and pointed a short stub of blackboard chalk at me.
      • Worse still, when the team returned they found that the baggage handlers at Auckland airport had scrawled ‘losers’ in white chalk across all their bags.

    • 2.2(in billiards)

      tiza feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (billiard cue) entizar
  • 2

    (write with chalk)
    escribir con tiza
    escribir con gis Mexico