Translation of chalk in Spanish:


creta, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɔːk//tʃɔk/


  • 1

    creta feminine
    caliza feminine
    before noun chalk soil tierra caliza / calcárea feminine
    • Recent work on Upper Cretaceous sequence stratigraphy in European basins has demonstrated that chalks provide valuable information on short- and long-term sea-level change.
    • Pore-filling cementation is also common during the diagenesis of chalks, resulting in rapid porosity loss.
    • The coccolithophorids range in age from Triassic to Recent, and form a major constituent of Mesozoic and Tertiary chalks.
    • The flora extracted from the underlying Maastrichtian chalks is sparse, but indicative of open marine conditions.
    • The cited examples are all interpreted as large-scale erosional scour-channels, variously associated with cemented hardgrounds, conglomeratic and nodular chalks, and debris.
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    • 2.1(for writing)

      tiza feminine
      gis masculine Mexico
      a piece of chalk un gis Mexico
      • A large Fleur-de-lis is drawn with blue and white chalk on the parking lot.
      • The whole class stopped, their eyes on me, and the teacher turned away from the board and pointed a short stub of blackboard chalk at me.
      • I knew white farmers whose idea of education for black children was a blackboard, a few sticks of chalk and a chair for an untrained teacher.
      • He took out a white piece of chalk and gave it to Rena.
      • Worse still, when the team returned they found that the baggage handlers at Auckland airport had scrawled ‘losers’ in white chalk across all their bags.
      • I turned quickly and grabbed a piece of chalk off the black board on one of the walls.
      • Peggy took her place at the window back inside the recovery room and watched as the detectives took their pictures, and outlined the body with white chalk.
      • His presentation drawings, portraits, and character heads, usually made in charcoal or white chalk, were also in wide demand from discerning collectors.
      • At various times she was told to make the sign of the cross using black or white chalk; if she chose black she would be considered a demon.
      • With white chalk, a recent innovation, he wrote an E on the slate.
      • Madeleine explained the classrooms in St Bede's sister school in Tanzania were very basic with blackboards, chalk and windows without glass.
      • This exhibition features drawings in mixed media chalk, charcoal and graphite drawings on paper which have evolved from studies of the Achill landscape.
      • He portrays his wife with the lightest of touches, using red chalk, heightened with white in soft, feathery strokes which evince the profound French influence on his art.
      • Here on planet Earth white chalk on black slate provides plenty of contrast.
      • Somehow I don't think those plush corporate boxes at Cardiff have a drawing board and chalk.
      • I got up and found a perfect piece of white chalk waiting for me.
      • ‘Very well,’ said the master, the circle, outlined in white chalk, began to grow darker.
      • I walked up to the front of the room, where the chalk board was, and grabbed a piece of white chalk.
      • ‘Some used to throw chalk or even the blackboard rubber at you if you wouldn't stop talking,’ she says.
      • Using white chalk, a geometric shape was lightly sketched, filling the paper to achieve balance.

    • 2.2(in billiards)

      tiza feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (billiard cue) entizar
    • Between each shot he studied the table carefully, chalking his cue.
    • Taking only a moment to chalk his cue, he got down on the table and potted the five.
    • You can be chalked and loaded and assured as hell, but if you don't know how your table rolls or where to aim, you're banking too much on lucky shots.
    • Former world champion Steve Davis chalks his cue as the UK Snooker Championships got under way today at York's Barbican Centre.
    • After a pause to chalk his cue, Des sank his last spot and quickly dispatched the black.
    • She slowly stalks around the table, taking her time chalking the cue, and she seems to be winning most of the games.
    • He chalks the tip of his cue with methodical twists of the wrist.
    • Regulars at the Pattern Store Bar in Penzance Drive, Swindon are chalking their cues ready for the visit of the former World Champion snooker player on Wednesday, February 26.
    • You know what I mean, those blue cubes that you use to chalk up your cue when you're playing snooker or pool in an attempt to make it look like you know what you're doing.
    • But those of a literary bent were quick to realise the identity of the mystery guest, thoughtfully chalking his cue as he sought to get out of a snooker.
  • 2

    (write with chalk)
    escribir con tiza
    escribir con gis Mexico
    • On a blackboard was chalked a list of meat pies for sale; I once asked for a steak and kidney pie, and the assistant descended a ladder into the basement and brought it up from the freezer.
    • Since I see it everywhere, I should take the hint and put it everywhere, hide it in messages, chalk it on walls etc.
    • Irishman Bob even chalked my name up on the pool player blackboard.
    • The exhibition was inspired by the homeless Sydney man, Arthur Stace who walked the city for decades chalking the word Eternity on pavements and walls in a perfect copperplate script.
    • To get the latest news, thousands would flock to the newspaper offices themselves, arrayed along Park Row near city hall, to watch the headlines get chalked up on giant blackboards.
    • This is a beautiful chance to vote for those who will be providing the microwaves in Kirk, chalking revolutionary slogans beside the graveyard, fighting against fee rises, not to mention a host of other beneficial activities.
    • The 116th Infantry chalked this on the back of one of their vehicles going out on a patrol I accompanied.
    • Each engine is attended to in turn, usually according to a roster chalked on a blackboard.
    • I chalked a big poem on the street for my boyfriend.
    • The team went house to house, checking to see whether the drops had been administered, giving them if they had not, and then chalking the status upon wooden doors.
    • Numbers corresponding to seat numbers were chalked round the wheel of the bus, with a further mark on the mudguard.
    • Even the specials menus, advertising milkshakes, egg creams and the Lakeview's trademark breakfast pizza are still chalked onto the wall.
    • One man with a red tail invited people to scatter bread inside a dove he chalked onto the stone slabs.
    • She did not, as I had hoped, lead us through the routines in slow motion, with the aid of diagrams chalked up on a blackboard.
    • The simple plastic weave of a café chair, a blackboard chalked with the specials du jour, the cloudy comfort of a cool pastis and the sinuous scent of coffee and fresh-baked bread.
    • In relation to chalking the front doorstep it has been suggested that the secret of an effective pattern was that no gaps were left, for it was through these gaps that the devil and spirits would enter the house.
    • Towards evening, children were chalking peace signs on the asphalt tiles.
    • The latest incarnation looks every part the French bistro, from the wooden floor and chairs and prints on the wall to the fresh flowers on the table and blackboards chalked up with dishes to tempt even the most iron-willed of dieters.
    • A novelist who chalked her first words on a Lancaster windowsill has returned to her birthplace decades later.
    • She proceeds to chalk her slate with fresh attributes that represent all that Manderlay hopes to skewer.
    • In retaliation she had chalked her own message pointing at her neighbour's house and when she saw she had got her view across, she went to wash it off.
    • I've come up with a verse myself which is chalked up on the blackboard at the moment but I am hoping we can replace it with a better one written by a guest.
    • The crowd broke into renewed cheering when this was chalked on a blackboard.
    • At one stage the signs were chalked on a piece of wood.
    • The playground was awash with them, as were walls, corridors, exercise books and the backs of lower school pupils who could be held down while a pud was chalked onto their jersey.
    • I counted more than 20 dishes chalked up on the blackboard and was pleasantly surprised with what was on offer.
    • Carefully and deliberately a list of headings was chalked on the blackboard.
    • Mr Howard has been running a series of successful bargains, chalking up offers on the large blackboard outside his store.
    • As a way of reminding and motivating students, you can see chalked on blackboards in most classrooms countdowns of the days to the examination and some encouraging words.
    • I remember one slogan chalked on a blackboard in the main hall: ‘The autocracy of the articulate!’
    • ‘Taylor must go’ was chalked on the road in front of walls topped with razor wire.
    • One of them concerns Arthur Stace, the man who chalked the word ‘eternity’ from one end of town to the other.
    • I can only assume this is what happens when Hugh Dallas chalks off 0.2 of a Celtic goal or adds 0.1 to a Rangers strike.
    • The menu offered a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian options, with almost as many specials chalked on the blackboard.
    • People were chalking messages over the square.
    • In addition to the excellent guide books, a blackboard has chalked listings of the highlights on any particular day.
    • There is even an evolving language of street markings that uses chalked symbols to alert passers-by to a WiFi network nearby.
    • McQueen has had notoriously bad relationships with his bosses - he used to chalk obscene messages onto the linings of suits he was tailoring in Savile Row.
    • I looked up at the menu chalked on the blackboard behind her.
    • Demonstrators chalked numerous messages in Library Square and along the route of the march.