Translation of challenge in Spanish:


desafiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃalɪn(d)ʒ//ˈtʃæləndʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(summon)

      one knight challenged the other un caballero desafió / retó al otro
      • he challenged him to a duel lo desafió a un duelo
      • to challenge sb to + inf desafiar a algn a que + subj
      • I challenge you to prove that! ¡lo desafío a que lo demuestre!

    • 1.2(offer competition to)

      no one can challenge the leaders now nadie puede hacer peligrar la posición de los líderes
      • they'll be challenged by a coalition at the next election en las próximas elecciones se les enfrentará una coalición

    • 1.3(question)

      (authority/right/findings) cuestionar
      (assumption/theory/idea) cuestionar
      (theory/assumption/idea) poner en entredicho
      (theory/idea/assumption) poner en duda
      (idea/assumption/theory) poner en tela de juicio
      • Still, it seems that both teams have the capacity to challenge for honours this season.
      • Anyway, it appears California's speed camera rules have been successfully challenged in court.
      • Pat's are now in a strong position to challenge for league honours.
      • The latest find suggest the huge pythons might even challenge alligators' leading position in the food chain.
      • With his teaching, Jesus challenges this position.
      • Not until Malthus and Ricardo were Smith's optimistic assumptions seriously challenged.
      • In 1989 Maitland challenged the settlement, claiming that only a small salary disparity existed between men and women professors.
      • Today, as a fellow countryman challenges for the championship lead, he worries that the sport's decision to re-embrace computer aids could put drivers at risk in Monaco.
      • The debate is strikingly one-sided; few civilian or military leaders have publicly challenged the fundamental assumptions of the critics.
      • The Bulls were expected to challenge for a playoff spot but instead got blasted early this season.
      • By the time he left Cowdenbeath, the club were challenging for promotion.
      • He said that either a Newton Hearing, in which the disputed evidence is challenged, or an agreed basis of plea needed to take place before he could proceed with the case.
      • If all the pieces mesh nicely, they could challenge for the East title.
      • The impressive and young Nurney team have not lost sight of the fact that they are one win away from getting themselves into a promotion challenging position.
      • Morrison completes her trilogy by confronting contemporary race and gender representations and challenging declarations of truth and law.
      • Brighton boss Micky Adams believes a resurgent York City will be challenging for promotion next season.
      • He is now nicely poised to challenge for the top spot.
      • Well, no one was challenging my position so I would keep it until someone was ready to take my place.
      • For example, moving services from secondary to primary care challenges many deeply held assumptions about the role of specialists.
      • Right now, are Newcastle any nearer to challenging for the title than Liverpool?
      • Since the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 Britain's Royal Navy had been the dominant fighting fleet in the world; now Germany was challenging this position.
      • Davis supporters had filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of some of the recall signatures.
      • They are challenging for promotion and have a big, experienced squad.
      • Many others before you have made the decision to openly challenge the legitimacy of my marriage.
      • Kelly would be able to challenge for a starting spot at a position of need.
      • He challenged existing theoretical propositions which he believed were only rationalization of current practices.
      • A similar care order secured on the child of another couple has been successfully challenged in the courts.
      • On top of that Coulthard started winning races from the front and challenging Hakkinen's position within the team.
      • They challenge existing theories and accepted musical norms, always striving to keep a step ahead.
      • But his interpretation of the latest figures as solely attributable to his policies was challenged by the opposition and by the Irish Refugee Council.
      • Both lawsuits challenge the constitutionality of holding immigration hearings in secrecy.
      • At least one murder conviction is to be challenged on the basis of "flawed" fingerprint evidence.
      • "It will be a change challenging for the title rather than battling relegation".
      • Fan is so far the only candidate and no one has yet emerged from the democratic camp to challenge the position she has held for the past seven years.
      • Now no member state would openly challenge the legitimacy of the institution's role.
      • By saying she doesn't remember she is tacitly accepting the truth by not challenging it.
      • Fast-paced, relevant and worldly, it directly challenges Western notions about the universalizing effects of literature.
      • One part is to challenge directly the notion that there is an obligation to carry out a war against disease.
      • Once that title was won, no Bonaparte in Pakistan would dare to challenge him for the leadership mantle.
      • A pioneer in liquid crystal displays, Sharp has seen its once-dominant position challenged by Taiwanese and Korean rivals.

  • 2

    suponer un reto para
    constituir un reto para
    suponer un desafío para
    constituir un desafío para
    this job will really challenge him este trabajo realmente supondrá / constituirá un reto / un desafío para él
    • The people I see grow old with grace and inspiration are the people who keep challenging themselves.
    • Communication between defenders becomes more difficult and the concentration level of the defender is challenged.
    • To challenge yourself, do the balance poses on a plush carpet or on a wobble board.
    • No strategy he could come up with would challenge him enough to spark interest.
    • My directorial task is to challenge my company and myself.
    • During the trading year, random events could spring up to challenge your ability to manage the business through such unforeseen situations.
    • The rare breeds hatchery business has challenged them, Drowns says.
    • The facts are that students become disengaged and are not challenged by the curriculum.
    • In these cases pupils are constantly challenged by the course and make good progress.
    • There are so many areas where you can challenge yourself and test your own limits.
  • 3

    • 3.1Military

      darle el alto a
      she was challenged by a store detective un guarda de seguridad la abordó
      • He moved through the civilian sector without attracting attention and when he passed the gate area without being challenged by the guard he knew he was doing alright.
      • I left the unit twice and walked back in without being challenged either time, entering in ways that didn't require much ingenuity.
      • They formed a circle around Zero and the guard who had challenged her.
      • The security guard challenged him outside the building and the youngster gave himself up.
      • Sometimes a guard will challenge me and demand to see my pass.
      • Harkishin was challenged by security guards when he approached the checkout on Sunday.
      • Despite that, he was able to walk straight into the castle's Waterloo Chamber and was only challenged five minutes after entering the party as he ordered champagne at the bar.
      • It's believe the attacker blew himself up after he was challenged by a security guard as he was trying to enter into the parking lot.

    • 3.2Law

      (juror) recusar
      • Defence Counsel may challenge two jury candidates and jurors will be asked if they have any connection with case or defendant.
      • Since one is not allowed to select jurors, but only to challenge (deselect) them, traditional approaches to jury selection have focused on identification and challenge of undesirable jurors
      • The parties to any jury trial may inspect a copy of the panel from which the jury in their trial will be chosen, in order to decide whether any should be challenged


  • 1

    (to duel, race)
    desafío masculine
    reto masculine
    to issue a challenge to sb desafiar / retar a algn
    • to take up / accept the challenge aceptar el reto / desafío
  • 2

    rival masculine
    the Democrats are a serious challenge to the government los demócratas constituyen un serio rival para el gobierno
  • 3

    I cannot tolerate this challenge to my authority no tolero que se cuestione mi autoridad
  • 4

    reto masculine
    desafío masculine
    it isn't going to be easy, but I like a challenge no va a ser fácil, pero me gusta todo lo que supone / constituye un reto / un desafío
  • 5

    (by policeman, sentry)
    alto masculine
  • 6

    (to juror)
    recusación feminine