Translation of chamber in Spanish:


cámara, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪmbər//ˈtʃeɪmbə/


  • 1archaic

    cámara feminine archaic
    • The barrier was erected to seal the main chamber from the public gallery.
    • Such considerations cannot be material to the consideration of a planning application and serve to make subsequent debate in the Council chamber or Committee room meaningless.
    • The move angered members in the chamber who wanted to debate demolition and public speakers who waited two hours and were not allowed to speak.
    • Also present in the council chamber were teenagers in favour of the skate park.
    • It followed a similar incident the day before, when members of the Highworth Festival Committee were meeting in the chamber.
    • Then I went quickly to the king's chambers, escorted by the gentleman usher.
    • The idea behind this is to isolate the sound levels within the defined space of the chamber, and block out any external sound interference.
    • Opposite the door was another, leading into the King's more private chambers - his bedroom, place of worship and relaxing room.
    • About 200 people are expected to take part in the event, which will be held in the council chamber and committee rooms at City Hall.
    • Due to the winch meet, the main chamber takes on a completely different atmosphere to normal.
    • But, rather like the public debate in the Assembly chambers, it did not have quite the same intensity.
    • Several other regions are currently in the process of setting up their own chambers, and public chambers have even appeared in some cities.
    • More than 500 attended last year's sell-out dinner and more than 600 are now expected to attend what will be the biggest event in the regional chamber's history.
    • At the moment we have no proper chambers to meet dignitaries coming into the town.
    • Away from the Schuman roundabout, however, in the council chambers and cabinet rooms, something very significant happened to Europe last week.
    • This means providing lifts, ramps and sufficient access into council rooms and chambers.
    • The celebration will be held in the council chamber, in the Public Hall, Lee Lane, next Thursday.
    • The commission is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. tomorrow in the 15th floor chambers of the City Hall Annex downtown.
    • It was standing room only in council chambers where speakers, young and old, voiced their opposition to a liquor store opening in their neighbourhood.
    • Keith Joplin, chairman of the chamber, said the event aimed to help put the area on the map with the aid of its most famous culinary export.
    • There will also be security measures installed in the public chamber but I can't reveal exactly what those will be.
    • After the meeting, the farmers staged a placard demonstration from the park to the corporation's Ramdass Street chamber, where they met with officials.
    • It was fairly early the next morning when the duke sent a messenger down to gather up the five and bring them back to his audience chamber to meet with him.
    • The four knights were immediately recognised as royal courtiers and ushered into the Archbishop's private chambers.
    • Meet me in my chambers after supper, I need urgently to know about my sister.
  • 2

    (in government)
    • 2.1(room)

      senate chamber cámara del senado feminine

    • 2.2(body)

      cámara feminine
      the upper/lower chamber la cámara alta/baja
      • This year has heralded the completion of a four year project to upgrade a hypobaric chamber to meet Australian Standards.
      • Without these core skills, the citizen journalist merely fills an echo chamber.
      • Both parents help build the burrow and nest chamber, which is lined with leaves, twigs, and pebbles.
      • Finally, it is the day Carter has been waiting for all his life and he is delighted when he can officially open the burial chamber of Tutankhamun.
      • Egyptologists say unlike treasures discovered in burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, no such trove has ever been found inside the three great Pyramids of Giza.
      • Held together with large screws and lit by bare light bulbs, these cramped quarters conflate domestic spaces with torture chambers.
      • Lethal injection is utilized in 35 states and the gas chamber is used in 5 states.
      • The slides were incubated for 30 min in a humidified chamber at room temperature.
      • The centre provides a focal point for MS people offering a physiotherapy area, oxygen chamber, private meeting room and relaxing area for coffee mornings.
      • Flowering dates of 15 plants kept in the nonheated greenhouse were compared to those of plants in the growth chambers.
      • Each Melibe was suspended by hooks from its dorsal integument in a chamber continuously perfused with natural seawater.
      • Supplemental oxygen or pressurized portable hyperbaric chambers should be used if descent is delayed.
      • When installing gas fireplaces, water beaters and furnaces, select appliances with sealed combustion chambers.
      • An officer had to crawl through the narrow space leading to the chamber.
      • A weaver bird uses its own body as a template as it builds the hemispherical egg chamber of its nest.
      • Mackenzie eyed one of the torches spaced around the chamber.
      • One feature of major taxonomic importance in the shell is the suture, which is the line along which the walls between the chambers meet the main shell wall.
      • Since Dad smokes like a chimney stack, I suspect there's a big filtration unit or one of those clean room transition chambers between his quarters and the main house.
      • The heat nowhere near approaches the heat needed to melt lead, even in the enclosed chamber.
      • Trulli are centuries-old stone and masonry cottages built from cylindrical room-size chambers - each enclosed by conical stone roofs.

  • 3

    • 3.1(cave)

      cueva feminine
      • Underground chambers can still be seen here and it is possible that the Kali icon was originally housed in one of these, reached through the tunnels.
      • Leaf-cutter ant colonies of many millions can excavate room-sized underground chambers in which they cultivate fungus gardens.
      • The underground chamber is actually a large cave, half-light reflecting off a channel of water in the centre of the cave.
      • In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l' Alma was an underground chamber.
      • They were huddled in a small chamber several feet underground.
      • Hope was rising last night that rescuers would soon break into the underground chamber where nine Pennsylvania coal miners have been trapped in a flooded mine shaft for almost four days.
      • An underground chamber can't be put on the back of a truck and moved out.
      • The culprits entered, pulled open a grate to the underground chamber, but ignored Toscanini's coffin.
      • Morpheus the Cold was meditating in his underground chamber.
      • The end was an underground chamber situated in a place in the earth's crust where geo-thermal energy will generate sufficient energy to keep me super-cooled.
      • The underground chambers, known as sewer overflows, act as safety valves for the sewer network.
      • Eventually all the characters and the audience are gathered together in the largest of the underground chambers, and the story comes to a head.
      • The tobacco, drying inside because sun-drying makes the smoke harsh, will be used in the kivas, or underground ceremonial chambers.
      • Who cleans and changes the torches in all of their photogenic underground chambers?
      • The main turbine and generator chamber is one of the largest underground chambers excavated by man.
      • His builders knew how to hew underground chambers without support, and they are still standing.
      • The underground chamber has a 5m-high beehive-shaped ceiling and was probably a kind of temple.
      • The only light at the moment came from the hole above, but she switched on her flashlight and trained it on different parts of the underground chamber.
      • Although the water is not recycled for other uses, it travels through underground chambers to be slowly reabsorbed into the ground.
      • Back underground the now seasoned tunnel fighters quickly despatch a zombie and another ghoul and then pause for elevenses in an underground chamber.

    • 3.2Anatomy

      cámara feminine

  • 4

    • 4.1(of gun)

      recámara feminine
      • The second combustion chamber has a reciprocating piston 15 mounted therein.
      • This leaves a good portion of that long neck fire formed to the chamber and helps in aligning the bullet with the bore.
      • The bores and chambers are chrome plated for corrosion resistance, and are excellently finished.
      • In the 15th century many guns were breech-loaders, the charge being packed in a chamber which was then slotted into the breech of the gun and held in place with wooden wedges.
      • But it's a bit wider around and the casing chamber's more hollowed.
      • The chambers and bore are free of rust and pitting.
      • A blow tube is a device used between shots during range work to soften the black powder fouling in the bore and chamber of the rifle.
      • Pulling the ejector rod forward permits the barrel assembly to be pivoted bringing the ejector rod into position with chambers and loading gale.
      • In a new tube, the mean factors affecting muzzle velocity are variations in the size of the powder chamber and the interior dimensions of the bore.
      • The air is instantly full of bolts of energy as bot after bot leaps out of the chamber with weapons firing full bore.
      • The bolt mass and the bullet weight work together to limit the amount the case is allowed to move out of the chamber while the bullet is still in the bore.
      • Looking down bores and chambers, into locking lug recesses, inside loading dies and brass cases, isn't for the faint-of-heart.
      • Cleaning the No.1 is a cinch because the chamber, bore and face of the breechblock are so accessible.
      • One of the faring pins is a different color so it is always easy to locate the empty chamber.
      • The action is sound and the bore and chambers appear to be in new condition.
      • The Boresnake is simple to use - drop the weighted pull cord from the chamber and through the bore.
      • When it arrived, I discovered that every other chamber was bored wrong and would not accept a round.
      • After a few outings the firearm began to fail to eject the spent casing from the chamber.
      • The gun was of unusual design, with a series of explosive charges placed in side chambers extending obliquely from the barrel along its length, rather like the ribs on a fish-bone.
      • The gauze mask is a good idea whenever you're brushing out chambers and bores.

    • 4.2Mechanics

      cámara feminine
      combustion chamber cámara de combustión

  • 5chambers plural

    • 5.1(for private hearing)

      the case will be heard in chambers la vista será a puerta cerrada

    • 5.2Law
      (in UK: barrister's office)

      bufete masculine
      estudio masculine Southern Cone
      • They're barristers' chambers where, effectively, barristers work.
      • The consumer may be king in a supermarket, but not in a barrister's chambers, an accountant's office, or a clinic.
      • If both prosecution and defence lawyers agree, the hearing can be held in the privacy of the judge's chambers, not in open court.
      • Even without legislation, the Bar Council is demanding 5 % ethnic representation in barristers' chambers.
      • This seems to have been his response to the creeping erosion of the square's residential character primarily by the spread of barristers' chambers.
      • Courts sit in chambers or in open court generally merely as a matter of administrative convenience.
      • Suddenly the door leading from the judges' chambers were flung open without the usual ceremonies.
      • My wife & I got married in a judge's chambers in Santa Fe.
      • But try as they may the attractive, hard-faced young lawyers are little more than a side-show in this series about a fictional barristers' chambers in Leeds.
      • The judge leaves the chambers and the court breaks for lunch.

    • 5.3Law
      (in US: judge's office)

      despacho del juez masculine