Translation of chameleon in Spanish:


camaleón, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈmiːlɪən//kəˈmiljən/


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    camaleón masculine
    • Remarkably, the loss of the tongue protractors in chameleons has not affected the external feeding kinematics.
    • These and a whole list of other questions far longer than a chameleon's telescopic tongue, still need to be answered.
    • The team that saw France bestride the football world for the first time ever had more colours than a chameleon and, ultimately, did more for race relations than any number of government initiatives.
    • The chameleon has the ability to bring long life or death, fecundity or barrenness, depending on its color.
    • This is the last view myriad insects have in life before being swamped by a long, sticky tongue and sucked back into the chameleon's mouth.
    • This is similar in ways to the chameleon, a lizard which can alter the colour of its skin.
    • It lacked the light brown fur, however, and instead owned a soft, fleshy skin with the abilities of a chameleon.
    • It is as if to survive, it has had to change names, like a chameleon changing colours.
    • A chameleon was shifting to match the kaleidoscope of colour given off by the lights of a gramophone record store.
    • There are many other snakes of all different sizes, as well as chameleons, geckos, lizards, skinks, iguanas, spiders and huge tortoises.
    • Everyone in Canada will now have the uncanny ability of the chameleon.
    • According to Anderson, the ability of chameleons to change color stems from special cells called chromatophores found in the upper layers of their skin.
    • Raxworthy and colleagues developed a computer model to study chameleons, lizards known for their ability to change color depending on their mood or surroundings, in Madagascar.
    • Chameleons such as this male Parson's chameleon from Madagascar change their skin color to hide and to communicate.
    • In the evening the Mekong always seemed to come alive, changing its colour like a chameleon, camouflaging itself against the darkening sky until it swallowed the sun.
    • We all understand the ability of the chameleon to change its colours to suit its environment.
    • Their eyes move independently of each other, like those of a chameleon, and their bodies are covered by bony plates, similar to those of seahorses.
    • I watch the sky change its colour like a chameleon.
    • Toys made of rubber in the shape of snakes, lizards, chameleons, scorpions and crabs are selling like hot cakes.
    • Similarly, some modern ectotherms, chameleons for example, have an erect posture.