Translation of chancellor in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑːns(ə)lə//ˈtʃæns(ə)lər/


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    Chancellor (of the Exchequer) ministra de Economía/Hacienda feminine
    • A selected audience duly provided accompaniment to the chancellor's speech with whistling and catcalls.
    • Our Chancellor and First Minister are not of a type.
    • Separately, the chancellor announced a freeze on rates of corporation tax and capital gains tax.
    • From the middle of 1978 to the beginning of 1981 he worked in the chancellor's office.
    • Treasury officials and allies of the chancellor have been carefully excluded from the group and will have no input.
    • The prime minister and his chancellor have got to resolve their collective political position.
    • Months of courting the chancellor appear to have paid off for him, as Mr Brown is understood to have demanded he stay in his job.
    • However, when Gordon Brown made his high profile visit to China, the chancellor's official visits included a trip to the Shanghai branch of DIY superstore B&Q.
    • What level of council tax rises did the Conservative chancellor expect when he set his last Budget in 1997?
    • Crisis teams were immediately formed in the Foreign Ministry and the chancellor's office.
    • Next day the papers were so full of the chancellor's speech that nobody mentioned Railtrack.
    • Back in November the chancellor's central forecast for growth in 2003 was 2.75 %.
    • While Treasury officials say the chancellor will not update his economic forecast until the pre-budget report in November, he is preparing the ground to revise his predictions downwards.
    • The news came as the chancellor announced his twice yearly pre-Budget report.
    • With several cabinet ministers having said Brown is the obvious choice, it now looks unlikely that any senior MP will challenge the chancellor.
    • In 10 Downing Street, all eyes are on the Chancellor's speech next week.
    • The British chancellor seems to stand a good chance of fulfilling this ambition.
    • The report draws on meetings with senior government officials, including the Prime Minister, the chancellor, and the deputy prime minister.
    • And now look - the new shadow chancellor was born in the 1970s!
    • Though Brown would not challenge Smith personally for the leadership, as the new shadow chancellor he challenged his policy.
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    canciller feminine
    • Accordingly, Hitler was made Germany's fifteenth post war Chancellor in January 1933.
    • It provided West Germany's first three Chancellors: Adenauer, Erhard, and Kiesinger.
    • He talks a lot about what's been achieved, the historical profile of this Chancellor Schröder, the chancellor of reform and peace.
    • German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac were in Moscow in the first week of April.
    • They accused the chancellor of isolating Germany internationally and eroding the country's diplomatic room for manoeuvre.
    • Adolf Hitler was the Chancellor and Fuhrher of Germany.
    • The recently elected chancellor, Angela Merkel, was somewhat more reserved.
    • It's since been pointed out that the last Soviet tanks left Austria two years before Arnie was born, and all the chancellors who governed in his youth were conservatives.
    • Fischer, who doubles as German vice chancellor, is in Japan on a two-day official visit from Monday.
    • The Austrian chancellor also had words of encouragement.
    • Angela Merkel was sworn in today as the country's first female chancellor.
    • When Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 1933, Klemperer's world began to unravel.
    • The chancellor has said repeatedly that her government will be judged by its efforts to tackle Germany's 11% jobless rate.
    • Hitler had created a one party state within months of being appointed chancellor.
    • Afterwards, the Austrian chancellor said that I broke all the taboos.
    • However, the Bundestag could also decide to elect a new chancellor, either Schroeder or someone else.
    • After all, nobody gets worked up when German Chancellors commemorate the thousands of ordinary soldiers who died for their motherland during the war.
    • German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wraps up a tour of Africa.
    • "The chancellor candidate aroused the impression that she wanted to bring about political change."
    • Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl is out of office.
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    (of university)
    rector masculine
    rectora feminine
    • In Nottingham, it needs nine days for the chancellor to personally hand all diplomas to students.
    • He resigned and now there are words he plans to become the chancellor at Louisiana State University.
    • In her role as chancellor of the university, Ms Ford presented honorary degrees to culture supremo Felicity Goodey and award-winning playwright Alan Ayckbourn.
    • Tonight's ceremony will be attended by the chancellors of the universities, the Mayor of Salford and the Lord Mayor of Manchester.
    • As chancellor, Dame Janet will be the official figurehead of the university, presiding over degree ceremonies and taking a leading role in other ceremonial events.
    • Dorothy will be presented with her honorary degree by the university's chancellor Lord Chris Patten of Barnes.
    • After Cromwell's downfall, Gardiner was appointed to replace him as chancellor of the university.
    • Williams is currently deputy chancellor and a tenured professor of English and comparative literature.
    • Fortunately, the current chancellor has made some progress on this score.
    • Enhanced autonomy for universities and new powers for university chancellors will lead to the raising of tuition fees or the introduction of enrolment fees.
    • The new academic standards are part of a series of NCAA reforms championed by Division I university presidents and chancellors.
    • The university's chancellor has already visited Bradford to meet them.
    • The Budget Committee never interacts directly with deans, and it limits its contact with administrators to the chancellor and his or her senior deputies.
    • Herbert, who began the job this past August, was the former chancellor of the state university system of Florida from 1998 to 2000.
    • In 1968, he was appointed vice chancellor for student affairs.
    • In 1998, she was made professor of Theatre Arts at Oxford and she is the chancellor of Stirling University.
    • And these firms are actively recruited by state officials and university chancellors who believe that a biotech boom could turn Wisconsin or Iowa into a version of Silicon Valley.
    • The third son of Henry, Lord Scrope of Masham, Scrope was chancellor of Cambridge University in 1378 and a doctor of laws.
    • He is the founder and the chancellor of Liberty University and the founder of the Moral Majority Coalition.
    • Its president and provost, working through the campus chancellors and college deans, demonstrate a formidable commitment to make the faculty employment environment family friendly.
    • We're working on leadership development for presidents and chancellors.
    • As the titular chancellor of all government-funded universities, Tung has the final say - symbolically, at least - over all academic matters.
    • He also faxed a message to the university chancellor and education minister.
    • ‘Some of our courses are taught by community college presidents and chancellors,’ McPhail notes.
    • "The Transitions program is specially designed to increase diversity on campus, " deputy chancellor Mike Middleton says.
    • In all other universities, the chancellor is the state's governor.
    • He became chancellor of Cambridge University in 1908.
    • The remainder of the $6 million was committed by the presidents and chancellors of the participating universities, Schell said.
    • The award was presented by Prince Philip, chancellor of the university, at a special ceremony in Cambridge.
    • Cricket legend Imran Khan today told of his immense pride at being asked to be the new chancellor of Bradford University.
    • The chancellor's first official engagement at York was in September, when he opened a learning centre for the university's 600 manual and craft staff.
    • Another recommendation calls for the creation of a new system-level office under the chancellor to oversee programs targeted at the problem.
    • The chancellor's official duty is to confer degrees upon graduands at convocation.
    • Guests at the graduation ceremony included Lord Taylor of Blackburn, the Mayor and Mayoress of Blackburn and University chancellors.
    • Mr Patten's former college, Balliol, has produced a number of the university's chancellors.
    • The staff conveyed these concerns to the current chancellor after he took office in January 2000.
    • Nowhere is this direction more obvious than in campus diversity plans, usually issued with some fanfare by chancellors and presidents, then promptly forgotten and ignored by all.
    • He is also the chancellor of the University of Waterloo.
    • Trustees complained the chancellor was too defensive about questions they asked before voting on issues at board meetings.
    • In Edinburgh's case, rectors come second in the formal hierarchy of the university, after the chancellor but before the principal.