Translation of chandler in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑːndlə//ˈtʃæn(d)lər/


  • 1

    (maker of candles)
    • It seemed that every trades-man in the county, from the black-smith to the chandler, came out of the wood-work to proclaim that he was beholden to them.
    • The son of a tallow chandler, Collins was 14 when he arrived in Salisbury - a small town bounded by the river running alongside its High Street on its west side and Culver Street to the east.
    • There is also a special crafts Christmas market with workshops of gold and silversmiths, furriers, chandlers, bookbinders, and bakers at the St. Margareth's Church.

    fabricante de velas

  • 2also ship's chandler

    proveedor de buques masculine
    • He came from a craft background, his father being a ships' chandler and soap boiler.
    • Mr. Stanislavsky taught me the Method in a small flat above the chandler's.
    • His ultimate ambition is to set up a chandler's shop, selling supplies for boats including provisions and provide pump-out facilities for canal boat toilets.
    • Authentic stripy t-shirts, deck shoes, sailor caps and even anoraks, are available from ship's chandlers around the country - particularly in coastal areas.
    • The pier was packed to capacity with fish lorries; gear suppliers' lorries, service engineers and chandlers were present.
    • Among the most militant were two ships chandlers.
    • If you've a spare €1 million or so, the yacht chandlers have some bargains for sale.
    • Boat builders, boat chandlers, boat interior designers, marine construction companies to shipyards and ports are expected to participate in the three-day event.
    • From a business perspective, these individuals provide tremendous foreign exchange at the supermarkets, ship chandlers, hotels, night clubs, hardware stores, taxi associations and the list continues.
    • ‘I went to Oswald Bailey and Blacks before I found a shower bag at a chandlers in Shamrock Quay,’ she said.
    • ‘If you look at the Chamber of Shipping, you have tugboat operators, you have agents, you have chandlers, you have training schools - all of these different sectors in that one association,’ Kee says.
    • Buoyancy bags for instance are available from several boat manufacturers and yacht chandlers.
    • Macduff is a fishing town, and contains ships' chandlers and laddies in fast cars.
    • George Townsend Cole's Portrait of Henry Thomas Lambert, a master sail maker and ship chandler in Wapping, shows a man proud of all he has achieved.
    • Close to the waterfront were the ship's brokers and chandlers and cheap seaman's boarding houses, interspersed with taverns and druggeries.
    • Most people would be well familiar with the type of anchor which is available at a fairly modest price from any chandler's.
    • His share in the New Bedford chandler's shop he had partnered with Captain Stoddard had seemed vast when they started, but his resources melted like snow in the sun with the expense of travel.
    • Fung said that among those claiming priority over other creditors were fuel suppliers, the previous charterers, ship chandlers and stevedores.
    • One was a chandler from Co. Louth, and the other was the accomplished Dublin artist Anthony Lee.
    • As he was walking past a ship chandler's shop, he was shocked to see handcuffs, leg shackles, and thumbscrews in the window.