Translation of change management in Spanish:

change management

gestión del cambio, n.


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    (management of change)
    gestión del cambio feminine
    administración del cambio feminine
    • Specialising in change management, economic policy and leadership and management development, Eglinton works with clients in the public, private and non-profit making sectors and enjoys a strong reputation for its creativity.
    • Given this challenge, we all need to take advantage of every avenue available to explore the dynamics of change management and its potential impact on our organizations.
    • When an organization makes a commitment to diversity, the challenge of change management presents itself on both an organizational level and a personal level.
    • Perhaps change management is driving organisations to examine their human capital's competencies, and what they can add in order to be even better at what they and the business do concurrently.
    • Already, corporate real estate executives are seeing the need for strategic skills like change management, customer relationship management and in-depth knowledge of the core business.
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    gestión de cambios feminine
    administración de cambios feminine
    • Here is a breakdown of how the process could be better addressed through predictive change management software.
    • Also, if multiple storage devices are used, different path failover products may be required, making change management even more complex and difficult.
    • Here's a checklist that should be included as a part of an administrative password-control and change management policy that can be used when creating a program and evaluating the software and services to support it.
    • And the complexity of change management is only complicated by the inability of most operating systems to track precisely what happens when a patch or upgrade is applied.
    • Disk imaging plays an important part in not only disaster recovery and bare-metal restores, but also in disk deployment and change management.