Translation of channel in Spanish:


canal, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈtʃan(ə)l//ˈtʃænl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(strait)

      canal masculine
      the (English) Channel el Canal de la Mancha
      • before noun Channel ferry ferry que cruza el Canal de la Mancha
      • In front of the shallow side of the eastern channel is an area of brilliant white sand which splits the reef in two.
      • The ocean swell presses a thick plankton soup into the fjords and channels in the area, forming a base for an impressive array of underwater life forms.
      • It is an ideal place to sample some of the most adventurous diving you could ever hope to find - around the rugged shores and channels of Queen Charlotte Strait.
      • Diffuse seepage can occur on a wide front, especially near to the channel where the water-table joins the stream.
      • This is a difficult claim to accept because of deep ocean channels in the Indonesian Archipelago.
      • Aldabra is famous among divers for the currents that flow through its channels as the changing tidal height affects the water in its lagoon.
      • They were scattered over a mile area and unreachable because of water channels in the flats.
      • The Coast Mountains rise steeply from the fjords and channels on the coast, and glaciers are found at higher elevations.
      • Usually these trips include passage to neighbouring Anti-Paxos, across the mile-wide channel that separates the two islands.
      • Masses are deposited in tidal channels or shallow pools that retain water at low tide, and are secured in place by a long sand-mucus tether buried firmly in the substrate.
      • On islands farther out in the archipelago, across water channels that may run several miles wide, deer make up about 50 percent of the diet.
      • Conditions in which coastal fish concentrate in deep holes such as harbors, port, channels and canals typically don't last for more than a couple of days.
      • Around me the water was moving slowly through the channel towards the fjord.
      • The Navy concluded that the presence of the whales in an ocean channel with calm water, which amplifies sound, caused the sonar to damage their ears.
      • You'll kayak through a maze of fjords and tidal channels and through the ice-encrusted Cordillera Darwin and the most active tidewater glaciers in the world.
      • We duly set off, heading across the Eday Sound, a channel of water between Sanday and Eday about three miles across.
      • The operation involves removing the pontoon by crane, dragging the silt along it's length into the channel where the dredger will suck it up and deposit it in the licensed sites out at sea.
      • The bay includes saltmarsh, shallow and open water, tidal channels, mudflats and numerous islands, and a freshwater pond.
      • What makes the islands particularly irresistible are two large channels called O'Keefe's Passage and the Valley of the Rays.
      • The race mixed the traditional rowing rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge and saw seven boats take to the channel to race the 21-mile stretch from Great Britain to France.

    • 1.2(course of river)

      cauce masculine

    • 1.3(navigable course)

      canal masculine
      • Chairman, Tom Fitzgerald, said due to the present depth of the channel, large vessels were restricted in entering the area.
      • The Port Authority has stated that it was looking at undertaking some dredging to widen the shipping channel so that vessels including the Irish ferry would be able to pass the jetty at a further distance.
      • He also called for the provision of navigational lights along the channel, the removal of some boulders and the provision of marina facilities on both side of the bridge.
      • But there are concerns that the proposal could cause channels to silt up and become less navigable for leisure craft.
      • If a vessel veers off the channel to port the light becomes red and veering to starboard shows a green light.
      • Large ships coming g into Glasgow from the sea use a channel of deeper water in the middle of the Clyde to navigate the river.
      • There is always a good head of water maintained in the navigational channel with a maximum depth approaching 12 ft at low tide.
      • The original purpose of the canal was to drain the Lough Mask basin and provide a navigation channel for commercial traffic.
      • A chain blocked the navigable channel, secured on one side by the city walls and on the other by a tower on an island close to the shore.
      • They missed the channel and went aground, burying the vessel a good four metres into the reef.
      • The present channel is 3m deep and larger vessels can only enter the harbour in suitable tides.
      • Trapped, they chose to paddle three miles down the coast to Waimea, where they hoped the deep-water bay would provide a navigable channel.
      • It was conducted in response to the Geraldton Port Authority's plan to deepen the harbour and shipping channel to allow vessels to take full loads when they leave the port.
      • Some of these systems can also show the contour of the bottom on both sides of the boat, a great benefit when navigating unmarked channels.
      • Every day the ship carefully navigated through the channels of blue icebergs, some as large as aircraft carriers, some smaller chunks of the most magnificently formed shapes.
      • The beautiful vessel was steered through the channel by Harbour Master, Donal Walsh, who brought her carefully to the quay wall without a hitch.
      • By our English law there is a public right of passage through our navigable channels, whether in a port or the approaches to it.
      • Just recently new lights were installed in the channel making it navigational at night for the first time ever.
      • However, local knowledge would suggest that many vessels follow the channel to the East of the Dangers.
      • The most costly element of the dredging will be the removal of a massive rock which is located in a shallow area of the channel on the south side of the harbour.

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    (for irrigation)
    canal masculine
    acequia feminine
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    (system, method)
    vía feminine
    through diplomatic channels por la vía diplomática
    • you must go through the official channels tiene que hacer el trámite por los conductos / las vías oficiales
    • you should direct your enthusiasm into more useful channels deberías canalizar tu entusiasmo de una manera más útil
    • distribution channels canales de distribución
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    Television Computing
    canal masculine

transitive verb

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    he should channel his efforts into something constructive debería canalizar / encauzar / dirigir sus esfuerzos hacia algo constructivo