Translation of chaos in Spanish:


caos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪˌɑs//ˈkeɪɒs/


  • 1

    caos masculine
    there'll be absolute / total chaos será un verdadero caos
    • I am whisked through the doors to a chaos of people and boxes and props on the other side.
    • The stoppage will cripple services across this region, leading to chaos for passengers.
    • That's the way to create the impression of confusion, panic and chaos.
    • You find yourself at the brink of an important change that brings emotional chaos and confusion today.
    • Her desire to get what she wants throws her life into a chaos she may not be able to escape from.
    • The biggest risk from a dirty bomb is the chaos and confusion caused by mass panic.
    • When law and order break down in a country it must be the first step towards anarchy and chaos.
    • Snow caused commuter chaos across the region today and closed both runways at Manchester Airport.
    • His work seems to depict the confusion, guilt, uncertainty and chaos of modern life.
    • Road bosses are aiming to prevent a repeat of last winter's chaos when the region is plunged into deep freeze next week.
    • Violent thunderstorms and rain caused chaos on the region's roads and railways last night.
    • They thrive on disruption and chaos, and seek to complicate any chance for a negotiated solution.
    • However, in trying to create the ideal world for just the motorist for so long, it now creates chaos and havoc for everyone.
    • In a situation of total economic chaos, only a small number of profiteers have something to gain.
    • For the present it's a chaos of building and redevelopment projects spread out over a maze of roadworks.
    • Council bosses have been urged to consider buying extra gritting vehicles after this week's snow chaos.
    • Motorists in south Essex slipped and slithered to work today as the first snow of winter caused chaos on the roads.
    • Department stores commonly have chaos and pandemonium on their floors, and this one was the same.
    • Resulting restrictions and traffic chaos will throw the entire area into turmoil for up to four hours.
    • Rail chaos hit commuters early yesterday morning with delays of up to 40 minutes.