Translation of chaotic in Spanish:


caótico, adj.

Pronunciation /keɪˈɑdɪk//keɪˈɒtɪk/


  • 1

    • The last few weeks have been chaotic as they organise the wedding.
    • Traffic was chaotic and every junction was a snarl of cars and beeping horns.
    • The processions of thousands of peoples created chaotic traffic situations in the city.
    • Her lifestyle became very chaotic, and there were times when appointments were made but she did not choose to attend.
    • On the surface, this world appears very chaotic because of the disruptive new technology.
    • All the time, video cameras on the roof are recording the entire chaotic scene.
    • His arrival in Edinburgh last week was met with chaotic scenes as scores of journalists attended his press launch.
    • But things became even more chaotic yesterday following a security alert at a computer firm in Victoria Road.
    • Now, after decades of dictatorship, a chaotic political scene has burst forth.
    • My life feels chaotic, but when I look back over things, I see a shape that I didn't realise was there at the time.
    • Most are battling with drink, drugs or both and have chaotic lives that revolve around the next fix and earning the money to pay for it.
    • It also boasts one of the world's most chaotic urban traffic systems.
    • How can any sense be made of what may appear to be a chaotic jumble of attitudes?
    • The traffic in and around the city has been described as chaotic.
    • The transport system, already chaotic at best, was flung into abject confusion.
    • In the chaotic world of war and its aftermath, it's hard to distinguish between good and bad.
    • Most people have led a chaotic lifestyle before coming here.
    • From its neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, a more chaotic jumble of lanes wriggle up the hillside.
    • Work is still chaotic, but at least I have my online friends to keep me occupied and entertained.
    • People are very confused in this chaotic world about what is really the right thing to do.