Translation of charge nurse in Spanish:

charge nurse

enfermero jefe, n.



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    enfermero jefe masculine
    enfermera jefe feminine
    • From April to August 1999, the researcher contacted the unit charge nurse to identify potential study subjects.
    • For the purpose of the drill, both the charge nurse and back-up charge nurse were placed at the desk.
    • When the assistant charge nurse reported to the manager that everyone was accounted for and the patients were being cared for, the drill concluded.
    • This is a significant change for these team members because traditionally a charge nurse supervised them and they had no input in decisions.
    • Consider the situation of a charge nurse who receives a last-minute request from a prominent surgeon to add a procedure to the schedule.
    • Visual cues on the preoperative map help the charge nurse know how patients are distributed around the unit, as well as which patients need to be assigned to a bed and when those requests were made.
    • The charge nurse identified the error before the drug was given.
    • The Assistant Nurse Manager serves as charge nurse on the day shift and provides clinical expertise for the unit.
    • He began work in Blackburn in 1972 and became a charge nurse and then a nurse manager in paediatrics.
    • Potential subjects were identified by either a charge nurse or supervisor from each nursing unit or by the facility's physical therapy and occupational therapy supervisors.
    • A charge nurse who has an argument with a spouse before coming to work and proceeds to take his or her anger out on coworkers could benefit from better self-management skills.
    • It stated that patients would be transferred laterally and that one of the prime functions of the charge nurse was to designate someone to answer the telephones.
    • A messenger position was created and appointed by the charge nurse.
    • A surgeon yells at the charge nurse in the hall about slow room turnover and poor work by staff members.
    • The charge nurse and managers in adjacent areas should prepare for the possibility that the fire will become out of control, which would require further response or evacuation.
    • The charge nurse rather than staff nurses attended the multidisciplinary rounds, again because of issues of coordination and time constraints.
    • Patients admitted to the 2 units who met the inclusion criteria were identified weekly by the charge nurse.
    • The charge nurse called in the extra staff and I took over co-ordinating where people should be.
    • Identified problems are reported to the charge nurse and/or Bioengineering immediately.
    • This was alleviated by the assistance of the charge nurse, who did not have a patient assignment, when the liaison nurse became involved in multiple activities.