Translation of charmer in Spanish:


persona encantadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑːmə//ˈtʃɑrmər/


  • 1

    persona encantadora feminine
    encanto masculine
    • The Scottish charmer will make the perfect super-slick lawyer in this kiss-and-tell tale of Roxie Hart, a nightclub dancer who kills her lover.
    • In fact, he was Sarsbury's resident charmer of ladies, smart, rich and incredibly handsome.
    • ‘This character is a sophisticated charmer who turns out to be a villain,’ wrote Allen, ‘and I thought you'd be perfect.’
    • That woman and a string of mistresses describe him as a charmer but also a manipulator with a propensity to control weaker-willed people.
    • Harlan is a horse-riding, pistol-twirling charmer who seems to have stepped out of a 1950s western and washed up in modern-day Los Angeles.
    • Brilliant mimic and able showbiz charmer though he is, Stewart is a newcomer to the straight acting game.
    • No need to apologise, or explain, he's a charmer who lives off his wits, has a serious gambling problem and prefers to observe the internecine nature of romance, rather than participate.
    • It is a characteristic of charmers that when they suspect they may have caused offence, they calculate that a sufficiently charming apology should get them off the hook.
    • If, for instance, the father were a financial failure, a charmer but unsuccessful, then we might be in a position to understand Will's resistance to his romantic adventure tales.
    • The charmer even said: ‘Women are the most beautiful things in the world.’
    • It is a gift, and this silver-tongued charmer has it in spades.
    • However, the father was a charmer, with a suggested history of fraud and embezzlement.
    • The thought that she was ignoring him was not one that he was used to; after all he was John Darro, famous reporter and charmer extraordinaire.
    • Something tells me that this effervescent charmer will have no trouble attracting travelling companions.
    • This sly charmer is so small that everyone and everything towers above him.
    • Gordon himself was a real charmer but he puts on this volatile act for the cameras and I think our chef was totally overawed by him.
    • He's a man who never does the right thing but somehow manages to win people around because he's a charmer.
    • The former silver-tongued charmer did not utter one word during the entire occasion.
    • He was a flirter, a charmer, a seducer and a loyal friend.
    • Brought up to believe her dad is an abandoned bounder, Pam is surprised to discover Paul is a bit of a charmer and is sure that if his marriage cannot go the distance, hers is certainly doomed to failure.