Translation of chatter in Spanish:


charlar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃædər//ˈtʃatə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    chacharear informal
    parlotear informal
    cotorrear informal
    she was chattering on / away estaba chachareando / parloteando informal
    • There were a couple of students outside, playing a quick game, or chattering before school started, and she couched down, and watched them.
    • Water falls were alive with the crashing of water on rock, rivers trickled, birds sang, people chattered, lava boiled and fires crackled.
    • The door into the lobby opened again, the sound of voices chattering excitedly.
  • 2

    (monkeys) parlotear
    (birds) cotorrear
    • The squirrel began to squeak and chatter at the forest entity.
    • The monkey chattered fearfully and quickly jumped back into the midst of the tree leaves.
    • He was awoken early next morning by the birds that began to sing and chatter in the forest.
    • A hummingbird buzzed past our heads, and above, in a magnolia tree, the hill's resident flock of wild parrots clucked and chattered.
    • Birds sang amidst their leaves, while squirrels chattered to one another.
    • In a cage across the room, I noticed canaries that chattered incessantly to each other and seemed to sing at my presence in protest of my invading their territory.
    • Birds twittered merrily as they fluttered by and squirrels chattered as they raced up and down the limbs gathering nuts.
    • They chattered in happy, squeaking voices, beating their tiny wings rapidly as they somersaulted in mid-air.
    • Around her, birds chattered happily to each other, and the early morning sounds of traffic could be faintly heard in the distance.
    • In the marshland may the fish and birds chatter.
    • Flocks of parrots chattered at sunset from tangles of mangrove.
    • What does it mean when a squirrel chatters at me?
    • The squirrels themselves chatter to each other as they rustle through the limbs of the tree, making the leaves of the tree scratch against the window.
    • Some of the animals chattered a moment and then went on their way, while others stayed to scamper or fly around the two friends.
    • The train clinked and chattered all night long.
    • General Anderson's machine gun chattered as it shot down two more bad guys.
    • On start-up and idle, the engine chatters quite a bit but this soon soothens down on running.
    • As a pet, I can recommend an African Grey parrot, as long as you like your pet bird to chatter away to you all day.
    • The monkeys cringed and chattered uncomfortably.
    • The pump chattered for a few moments, then settled down to a deeper, steady throbbing.
  • 3

    (machine guns/typewriters) tabletear
    (sewing machine) traquetear
    his teeth are chattering le castañetean los dientes


  • 1

    (idle talk)
    cháchara feminine informal
    parloteo masculine informal
  • 2

    (of monkeys) parloteo masculine
    (of birds) cotorreo masculine
  • 3

    (of machine guns, typewriters)
    tableteo masculine