Translation of chauvinist in Spanish:


chovinista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃoʊvənəst//ˈʃəʊv(ɪ)nɪst/


  • 1

    chovinista feminine
    patriotero masculine
    patriotera feminine
    • Can the cultural chauvinist be separated from the imperialist?
    • Well I was, as a kid, a terrible chauvinist, militarist and warmonger.
    • He presented himself not as a Pole, but a Lithuanian, which enraged chauvinists.
    • No, despite what the chauvinists on both sides like to believe, we aren't all that different at all, and it is not in that ‘moral difference’ that makes us what we are.
    • That makes those people precisely what, on the hustings, they have criticised men up and down this country as being: it makes them chauvinists, it makes them sexist, and it makes them discriminatory.
    • To believe this, you need to be not just a patriot but a chauvinist.
    • In Bulgaria I become a Polish chauvinist, in Poland I am an incredible Bulgarian patriot.
    • They are therefore carried away with the false propaganda spread by the chauvinists with the help of the electronic media.
    • It must be channelled into the fight for an alternative perspective, which will cut a path through the reactionary political fog created by the capitalist parties, the ‘left’ opportunists and chauvinists.
    • All of them are pushing through neo-liberal policies domestically, while the country is ruled by extreme right wing chauvinists.
    • He may have to deal with a realignment of his own, especially if his party's move to formally dump its pro-independence platform upsets the minority of diehard chauvinists.
    • Only in 1920 after Moscow cleared Russian chauvinists out of leadership of the Ukrainian Communist Party did the new Soviet administration seriously address aspirations for self-determination.
    • By acting in this irresponsible manner they have not only provided a grist to the mill of the communalists and regional chauvinists but have also damaged the credibility of the coalition ministry.
    • He predicted that despite the protests of the chauvinists, the demand for English would increase.
    • The chauvinists were enraged, but it seemed a pretty straightforward description of where they learnt and played the bulk of their cricket.
    • Secondly, even the most extreme leftists tend to start from the position of equality between persons, whereas extreme rightists are typically chauvinists.
    • All this says a lot about political consciousness and the willingness of governments to put in money in ventures which chauvinists would call ‘alien’ concerns.
    • But frankly that argument echoed the calls of right-wing national chauvinists who urge people to take their holidays in Britain to support the domestic tourist industry.
  • 2also male chauvinist

    machista masculine
    • They do not have equal rights as women, and yet they are responsible for making sure that nothing changes by raising their sons as chauvinists.
    • The other day, he was virtually given a ‘dressing down’ by an irate woman delegate who demanded to know whether he was a male chauvinist.
    • The is the very same way women are belittled by chauvinists (male and female) throughout history.
    • In modern speak, he was a chauvinist who wanted his wife at home and subservient.
    • Male chauvinists, if anything, should be the ones supporting such government folly - not aspiring feminists!
    • Churches with thousands of members that de-emphasize studies of scripture while pushing communal solidarity run a serious risk of creating large populations of uninformed and fanatical chauvinists.
    • Wolfe and Thompson were of the same journalistic generation, and we are all chauvinists for our era.
    • They have pointed out that there have also been attempts by school officials to censor views deemed excessively chauvinist or racist.
    • I am not, and never have been, a male chauvinist.
    • This fusion of political correctness and relevance may be the next big thing to rock mathematics education, appealing as it does to political activists and to ethnic chauvinists.
    • You would be forgiven for thinking that such sentiments had been mouthed by a male chauvinist in the 19th century, or that they are perhaps a parody of our ancestors' unenlightened mindset.
    • ‘Certainly,’ says Crystal, who disagrees on this aspect with Queen's-English chauvinists.
    • And they're just scotch-drinking, cigarette-smoking chauvinists who have to deal with this very capable female journalist, and they don't know what to do.
    • We have no doubt that if women put their heads together, they can overcome the barriers mounted by male chauvinists.
    • Out of a thousand tiny details, you amass a picture of the complexity and strangeness of life: and neither quality diminishes greatly as you look further and further into the past, which human chauvinists may find surprising.
    • I couldn't see Lizzy or Andrew but Henry was lying still and clutching his left leg, but being the chauvinist, sexist, pig he is, he didn't make a single sound.
    • And is it possible to be romantic without being a chauvinist?


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    • No one has been charged or convicted with this or any of the previous crimes, which, given the chauvinist attitudes rampant among the police force, is hardly a shock.
    • Oh, I still have chauvinist thoughts, like the jokes we made about these women playing football while their boyfriends watched.
    • This, as we said, is especially true for women who live in a chauvinist, discriminatory environment.
    • But as details of the federal structure are worked out, the opposition of chauvinist groups is certain to intensify, compounding the political difficulties confronting the government.
    • In other venues union officials have been less cautious about appealing to racist and chauvinist sentiments.
    • He went on to make the link with the rise of a xenophobic and chauvinist party in northern Italy, with the threat of the far right in Germany and with high racial tensions in northern English towns ahead of this week's council elections.
    • In the closing years of the 19th century, Mark Twain, shocked by chauvinist reactions to the rebellion, sounded the alarm.
    • In his long, miserable chauvinist career, he has done more to block women, their views, and their professional aspirations than any journalist I know.
    • But once they don the uniforms and take up arms they get chauvinist feelings.
    • It is a call to look inside ourselves and our societies for the roots of chauvinist pastiche and a chilling demonstration of the fact that unless we go out and grapple with complexity, complexity will come in and smother us.
    • He stated that these additions would pave the way to a new religious and chauvinist despotism.
    • And even if it does seem sexist and chauvinist to some people, then who really cares?
    • There are many cases of chauvinist bias among police and prosecutors.
    • Incapable of making any broad appeal, the presidential contenders will resort to electoral fraud, character assassination, chauvinist appeals and outright violence to boost their chances.
    • The internal politics of Europe have been changed in ways that are only beginning to emerge, with great dangers in racist and chauvinist politics, yet also with great promise of more integrative and dynamic cultural growth.
    • Most of the rest I think are just terminally chauvinist and ignorant.
    • A perception had also grown that the Prime Minister was pandering to a racially chauvinist minority uncomfortable with the country's increasingly multicultural society.
    • Others infer that this construction was the culmination of years of exclusionist and culturally chauvinist thinking on the part of the European scholars, which placed them as naturally superior to all other races.
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    (male) chauvinist pig machista asqueroso masculine informal