Translation of cheapen in Spanish:


quitarle valor a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃiːp(ə)n//ˈtʃipən/

transitive verb

  • 1

    quitarle valor a
    to cheapen oneself rebajarse
    • More important, I appreciate your decision not to include the tawdry things, which tend toward cheapening and denigrating what should be viewed as a positive and healthy lifestyle.
    • These comedians and pundits will choose the easy laugh or the facile debating point every time - even if it cheapens the discourse of the political campaign.
    • When you start opening yourself up in that way, it cheapens your life.
    • What really hurts the story, though, is how it is presented, as the voice acting is often not very good, cheapening the whole experience.
    • Lowering the entrance bar cheapens the value of admission.
    • The second flaw, however, has the unfortunate effect of cheapening the experience.
    • Regardless of class, drug addiction ravages and cheapens a person and destroys families.
    • Tensions are the driving forces in our lives, the struggles stretching and deepening as opposed to cheapening our life experience.
    • Whatever it was, trying to put it all into words, to explain it to Simon, somehow cheapened the whole experience.
    • How much does the experience of transcendence alter the modern world of degraded or cheapened thought and feeling?
    • Quite rightly we did not want our national flag to be dishonoured or cheapened in any way.
    • If true, it not only shows how much Welles was asking for it, but it cheapens the movie somehow; it seems like very much the act of a 25 year old, thinking that reducing every motivation to sex constitutes a particular insight.
    • The hollow spin of backroom politicos has cheapened political discourse, and journalists often compound this with lazy attempts at the appearance of balance.
    • That just cheapened the whole experience for me.
    • This resulted in their being cheapened, demeaned, and exploited.
    • It's a shame that the sexual nature of the film cheapened the brilliant work here.
    • Citizenship is cheapened and devalued in these ways.
    • They cheapen the level of discourse and scientific exchange.
    • And, quite honestly, that tends to just cheapen your own experience.
    • It can be, and sometimes is, without the cultural compromise which cheapens what it seeks to advance.