Translation of cheat sheet in Spanish:

cheat sheet

chuleta, n.



  • 1

    chuleta feminine
    acordeón masculine Mexico
    comprimido masculine Colombia Peru
    machete masculine River Plate
    torpedo masculine Chile informal
    • They often take our endorsements into the ballot box as a cheat sheet.
    • Also, there's a cheat sheet at the bottom for my friends on the web, if you'd like to look at that.
    • And then Danah gave us the comprehensive cheat sheet on where we all are.
    • It was, in effect, a cheat sheet to help commissioners keep themselves out of prison.
    • She twice forgot the words, then retreated to get her cheat sheet, only to slip on the ice and bump her butt against the red line.
    • She watched as Allison took her science test with her cheat sheet.
    • Jackson had a typed cheat sheet on his wristband.
    • I give customers a cheat sheet, tell them why I chose to lay out the flight this way and what to expect.
    • Unfortunately, today even this rough data is not that easy to gather from all the articles you read and mailers you get; and if you forget your cheat sheet at home, you might just not vote on some issues, or make a very rough guess.
    • I picked up a beautifully printed and colour coded cheat sheet.
    • If you don't have the patience to figure out the codes and play the games, there's a cheat sheet that allows the viewer to see what's inside the section.
    • Here's a cheat sheet demonstrating the support.
    • Consider the case of a student who provides the correct answer to a test question, but who has simply copied from a cheat sheet that has been brought into the classroom.
    • Allison comes to take her test, asks for some scrap paper, and pulls out the colored cheat sheet.
    • And as dorky as it may seem to take out a cheat sheet in the middle of a tempest, I find myself tempted to make up a set of cards to keep in my pocket.
    • A cheat sheet sure would help - something that will tell you what you need to know about baseball's final month of the regular season… and fast.
    • How many people copy assignments and bring in cheat sheets to exams?
    • My short-term memory sucks, so I spent some time over the weekend reading up on obscure ballot measures and scribbling notes on a cheat sheet so I could just walk in, fill in the dots, then leave.
    • I have my little cheat sheet to take to the polls so I'll know which candidates are really Republicans.
    • This cheat sheet will tell you which numbers are worth crunching.