There are 2 main translations of check in Spanish

: check1check2


frenar, v.

Pronunciation: /tʃɛk//tʃɛk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (enemy advance) frenar
    (impulse/anger/tears) contener
    (tears/anger/impulse) controlar
  • 2

    • 2.1(inspect)

      (passport/ticket) revisar
      (ticket/passport) controlar
      (passport/ticket) checar Mexico
      (product/machine) inspeccionar
      (quality) controlar
      (pressure/temperature/volume) comprobar
      (temperature/volume/pressure) chequear
      (pressure/temperature/volume) checar Mexico
      (emails) chequear Mexico
      (emails) revisar Mexico
      (emails) checar Mexico
      I'm just going to check my emails solo voy a chequear mi correo electrónico
      • to check sth for sth
      • check the material for flaws cheque que el material no tenga taras
      • check your local branch for information infórmese en su sucursal más cercana
      • As data is collected, the weather officer checks it for accuracy and sends it to the center through satellite downlink every 30 seconds.
      • He added that estate agents had no responsibility for checking the condition properties are left in.
      • No formal risk assessment had ever been carried out on river walks by the teachers and they had not checked the weather conditions prior to the activity.
      • He has personally vetted them, checking them for technical quality, even spent time on the phone with producers.
      • He is alert, listens carefully to question after question and scans his answers as if to check them for accuracy.
      • However a hydrologist would need to visit the island to check the volume and quality of water in the caves first.
      • Injuries are scored with the 1990 revision of the abbreviated injury scale, and all scoring is checked centrally to ensure accuracy and consistency.
      • Then the muscles are checked to determine whether the substance has had any negative effect.
      • Pregnant females were checked daily for the presence of a litter, so the age of all animals and specimens is known to within 1 day.
      • In fact, I gave the book to my father to check it for accuracy.
      • We do all our best to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, but we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies which may arise.
      • Files are checked for image quality, size and layout (but not necessarily color).
      • The research was inspired after nightclubs in South America started asking for mobiles to be checked at the door - and it turned out that a large number of them were fake.
      • Dermatologists often check the mouth to determine a skin diagnosis or detect sexually transmitted diseases.
      • When completed, a random sample of returned questionnaires was checked to ensure accuracy of data entry.
      • In this way the operator can check field conditions before irrigation.
      • A welcome hiatus in proceedings gives me a chance to check my emails.
      • It is therefore very important that that you check the forms for accuracy and notify your custodian of any discrepancies.
      • A second native-speaker of each target language checked each translation for accuracy.
      • It is a good idea to have your contractor or consultant check the health and quality of the trees when they arrive on site.

    • 2.2(verify)

      (information/facts) comprobar
      (information/facts) verificar
      (information/facts) chequear
      (information/facts) checar Mexico
      (accounts/bill) revisar
      (accounts/bill) comprobar
      let me check my diary/list déjame checarlo en mi agenda/lista Mexico
      • check the meaning/spelling in the dictionary verifica / comprueba el significado/la ortografía en el diccionario
      • to check sth against sth cotejar / chequear algo con algo
      • he checked the copy against the original cotejó / chequeó la copia con el original
      • check that it's closed asegúrate de que / comprueba que esté cerrado
      • did you check when they're arriving? ¿confirmaste cuándo llegan?
      • check whether the mail's arrived mira a ver si ha llegado el correo
      • The following information I am providing can be confirmed and checked by simple credit/background checks.
      • He checked a clock next to the bed. 3: 23.
      • That was when I discovered he'd really come back to check that Harry had come home and was safe.
      • For information about broadcast times and availability, check the Market Journal program schedule.
      • It is more important than ever these days to check the terms and conditions on new cards before signing on the dotted line.
      • His raids followed the pattern of ringing the door bell to check no-one was home, then going around to the back of the property and forcing a window.
      • Availability of places at the new nursery can be checked by calling Jo Short.
      • She went down the row of doors methodically checking each one.
      • The first step is to check the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage.
      • Louise looked around hurriedly, checking to make sure that Nurse Sommers was, indeed, gone.
      • Before placing the electrodes on a patient, a nurse should check that the expiration date on the package has not passed.
      • She opened the door to check no-one was about to walk in on them.
      • Never reveal details over the telephone without checking or establishing the caller's identity, and never disclose online passwords or card PINs.
      • The board can also require the offender to be subject to electronic monitoring to check compliance with these conditions.
      • Then I checked my own booking confirmation for New York.
      • She checked the hallway and determined it was empty.
      • Second, income tax records must be checked to verify that these vendors have been submitting returns and paying taxes.
      • The journey was made more difficult by the fact that he kept glancing back in the rear view mirror to check that Emma was still following.
      • Team captains should check their Campus Rec web pages for the dates, times and locations of their captain's meeting.
      • So many pet lovers complain when motorists knock over their pets and don't have the common decency to stop and check if the animal is all right.

  • 3

    dar jaque (al rey)
  • 4

    • 4.1(in baggage office, deposit)

      (in cloakroom) dejar en el guardarropa
      dejar en consigna
      depositar en consigna formal

    • 4.2Aviation

      (baggage) facturar
      (baggage) chequear Latin America

  • 5US

    hacer un tic en
    hacer una palomita en Mexico informal
    poner un visto en Spain

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (verify, make sure)
    checar Mexico
    just checking! solo me quería asegurar
  • 2US

    to check with sth coincidir / concordar con algo
  • 3

    (horse/person) pararse de repente
    (horse/person) pararse en seco


  • 1

    (stop, restraint)
    control masculine
    freno masculine
    to keep / hold sth/sb in check controlar / contener algo/a algn
    • to put a check on sth frenar algo
    • to put a check to sth impedir algo
    • checks and balances mecanismos de control y equilibrio de poderes
  • 2

    (of passport, documents) control masculine
    (of passport, documents) revisión feminine
    (of work) examen masculine
    (of work) revisión feminine
    (of machine, product) inspección feminine
    to keep a check on sth/sb controlar / vigilar algo/a algn
  • 3

    (of facts, information)
    verificación feminine
    I'll have a check to see if there is enough verificaré / veré si hay suficiente
  • 4

    (in chess)
    jaque masculine
    to be in check estar en jaque
    • to put sb in check darle jaque a algn
  • 5

    cheque masculine
    talón masculine Spain
    to pay by check pagar con cheque
    • a check for $50 un cheque de 50 dólares / por valor de 50 dólares
    • open/crossed cheque cheque al portador/cheque cruzado
    • blank check cheque en blanco
    • (to give sb) a blank check (darle a algn) carta blanca
    • they gave me a blank check to do whatever I pleased me dieron carta blanca para hacer lo que quisiera
  • 6US

    (restaurant bill)
    cuenta feminine
    adición feminine River Plate
  • 7

    (receipt, counterfoil)
    ticket masculine
    resguardo masculine Spain
    tiquete masculine Colombia
  • 8US

    marca feminine
    tic masculine
    visto masculine Spain
    palomita feminine Mexico informal


  • 1

    (in chess)
  • 2USinformal

    (expressing affirmation, confirmation)
    ¡sí, señor!

There are 2 main translations of check in Spanish

: check1check2


tela a cuadros, n.

Pronunciation: /tʃɛk//tʃɛk/


  • 1

    tela a cuadros feminine
    tela de cuadros feminine
  • 2

    cuadro masculine


  • 1

    (shirt/jacket) (before noun) a cuadros
    (jacket/shirt) (before noun) de cuadros