Translation of checked in Spanish:


a cuadros, adj.

Pronunciation /tʃɛkt//tʃɛkt/


  • 1

    (shirt/material) a cuadros
    (shirt/material) de cuadros
    • He wore military fatigues over a black shirt and a black-and-white checked Arab headdress wrapped around his head.
    • His hulking two-metre frame clad in crumpled checked shirt fills the doorway as he beckons towards his kingdom.
    • I'll be the one in the blue short-sleeved checked shirt.
    • He wore baggy knee-length pants and a short-sleeved checked shirt.
    • And the second faux pas is the proliferation of checked shirts.
    • He was wearing a short-sleeved checked shirt and black trousers.
    • The suspects are described as white, one is in his late teens, 5ft 8in, slim, with short dark hair and has worn a checked shirt.
    • In addition to checked patterns, stripes are also making waves this season.
    • Why don't I just put the checked shirt on and be done with it?
    • He was in his mid-20s and wore a checked shirt and dark trousers.
    • The 16-year-old, wearing a denim jacket and a checked shirt, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address.
    • Born in Billings, Montana, the man with the checked shirt and deep western drawl had his budding penmanship spurred on by the first film he ever saw, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
    • Hit games soon followed for the entrepreneur, who is most at home in jeans and a checked shirt, and whose management mantra was ‘rules are for fools’.
    • He was wearing plastic sandals, a checked shirt and baggy traditional Kurdish trousers.
    • He was wearing a white T-shirt, with a checked shirt over it, jeans and trainers.
    • She pointed at the blond man in the checked shirt.
    • Dressed in a pair of red checked trousers and a white satin tie, this charming man took centre stage to lead his very talented band of musicians from one foot tapping number to another.
    • What keeps me looking at the photograph of a guy with a checked shirt pulled over his head?
    • His hair is dyed different shades of orange and blonde and he's wearing a leather jacket over a shirt like a checked tablecloth.
    • I even have a picture of me some years later in a very dodgy checked shirt taken at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.