Translation of chemoreceptor in Spanish:


receptor químico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛməʊrɪˌsɛptə//ˈkimoʊrəˌsɛptər//ˈkiːməʊrɪˌsɛptə/


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    receptor químico masculine
    • Central chemoreceptors are distributed at many locations within the brainstem.
    • The central hydrogen ion chemoreceptors are somewhat redundant, sensing the same stimulus as the carotid bodies.
    • A variety of inputs from chemoreceptors and mechanoreceptors can contribute to the arousal response that terminates a period of apnea in OSA patients.
    • This response is mediated primarily through the peripheral chemoreceptors.
    • For this reason, we would not expect this to cause stimulation of the chemoreceptors, which would affect autonomic modulation.