Translation of childbirth in Spanish:


parto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃaɪl(d)bərθ//ˈtʃʌɪl(d)bəːθ/


  • 1

    parto masculine
    alumbramiento masculine formal
    she died in childbirth murió de parto
    • Our refusal to allow them to work can also prompt them to seek rights through childbirth, he said.
    • Massage during childbirth can shorten the length of labour and be effective as a form of pain relief.
    • There is a persistent story in Poland that she died in childbirth.
    • Even if a delivery of a baby was successful, the mother could still fall prey to illness due to the lack of hygiene during childbirth.
    • He also delves into the dramas of pregnancy and childbirth in all their modern day complexity.
    • But childbirth is likely to have only beneficial effects on her physiology.
    • Some women strongly fear childbirth, sometimes because of how pregnancy and birth are managed.
    • She now knows how her body responds after pregnancy and childbirth.
    • I''m reminded of a pregnant woman in the very early stages of childbirth.
    • In the first 24 hours after childbirth, it rapidly drops back down to normal levels.
    • Thousands of women are failing to return to the workforce after childbirth.
    • The risk for women of dying in childbirth is 250 times higher in poor countries than in rich ones.
    • That way we can both experience every single moment of childbirth together!
    • It is the major cause of death for mothers within a year of childbirth.
    • Approaching childbirth from the angle of pain and surgery is innovative.
    • This will look at the availability of natural or alternative childbirth facilities in the town.
    • Women had shorter life expectancies than men since many died in childbirth.
    • Her mother had died in childbirth and her father had disappeared.
    • His mother lost twins during childbirth and another baby was stillborn.
    • I have always had a phobia about pregnancy and childbirth, the whole idea of it repulses me beyond belief.