Translation of childish in Spanish:


infantil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ//ˈtʃʌɪldɪʃ/


  • 1

    (attitude/remark/prank) infantil
    (remark/prank/attitude) pueril
    don't be so childish! ¡no seas tan infantil!
    • He told me a story of his childhood and I laughed drunkenly at its childish stupidity.
    • He immediately snapped out of his reverie, feeling quite stupid and childish.
    • This whole project sounds like the most puerile, childish and willfully obnoxious cinematic venture in years.
    • Alex followed behind him meekly, feeling dumb for her childish outburst.
    • I gave a small laugh and gazed at the ceiling, feeling monumentally stupid and childish.
    • It is only to the bystander that the participants just look stupid and childish.
    • Thank you for always listening to my childish secrets and stupid rattlings.
    • Thirdly, there is no need to engage in childish name calling or immature ranting.
    • To do otherwise would be as childish and immature as my behaviour in the first place.
    • These issues to me are far more important than childish name calling and are really what we should be spending our time reforming.
    • She liked looking at stars and if she saw a shooting one she was sure to wish on it even if it was stupid or childish.
    • He remained in her memory as a foolish and childish romance, a man less than perfect.
    • I also banned her IP, because if she's going to be childish, she can do it someplace else.
    • I got angry with him and told him he was being childish and stupid.
    • We dismiss their worries about eating meat as silly and childish.
    • She says she ‘can be very childish and very silly’, but fails to give me any examples.
    • John said he thought it was childish and silly, and that they had to be taken seriously now.
    • She took a deep breath and mentally berated herself for being so silly and childish.
    • When we see our politicians acting in such a puerile and childish manner is it any wonder the country is awash with apathy and cynicism?
    • If this all sounds a bit silly, over-the-top, or childish, none of it seemed out of place.
  • 2

    (typical of a child)
    • At other times it provokes genuine, childish delight, the wonderment of having stumbled across a secret.
    • With a little love, devotion and childish enthusiasm even a silly story can inspire hope in the future of the nursery world.
    • She wears perfume on her thin, childish wrist and her eyes light up at the sight of big hooped earrings and jewelled necklaces.
    • It's not often that a circus like this comes to town, exceeding any childish expectations.
    • As we pulled our car into her driveway, I discerned strange, childish voices in the garden.
    • Her statement that boys of fifteen should put aside childish things like ball games suggests a massive chip on her shoulder.
    • That childish hope that the world is a good place, I retain, and I think that is childlike.
    • It is one of the everyday hazards encountered by innocent children as they go about their childish play.
    • A radical change of attitudes to ageing finds many of us determined to cling to childish things for as long as we jolly well like.
    • Binoculars were lifted to the eyes of the big man and what he saw in the sky brought on an outpouring of childish excitement.
    • There was a certain puerile joy in her, a childish excitement shone in her eyes.
    • Even at 35 you still get that same sense of childish excitement when you notice that it has been snowing overnight.
    • Several tracks convey the impression of a childish, playful imagination at work.
    • I may be an adult but stick-watching seems like a fun childish game to play, especially when the stick has a name.
    • One of the guys is obviously the artist, and he is jovial, almost childish in his delight.
    • When choosing a young tree, however, be sure to put a tactful check on childish enthusiasm.
    • I still have a childish thrill of the prospect of going to the fair especially when it is in the old market place of Devlzes
    • I have a kind of childish way about me, I suppose, and that helps the film.
    • There are platoons of child actors who don't come across as childish at all.